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How do you tell cats gender?

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In kittens the females do not have any bumps or bulges in their genital area except the vagina, urethra and anus. Males have bumps that are their testicles. They just don't drop right at birth. However, a have visible testicles, but there will be a noticeable ace between its anus and penis.

Checking for nipples is not an accurate way of telling a cat's gender as male cats can have nipples too!

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How can you tell a cat's gender?

If there is a big bump between the cats hind legs its a boy.

How do you tell what gender a kitten is?

Cats have an anus and a vulva which is close together, a male has an anus and a penis which are farther apart.

How can you tell a Crayfish's gender?

how do you tell a crayfishes gender

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Get it a friend of opposite gender that will match your cats persnality.

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Do male cats like catnip more than females?

I think all cats like catnip, regardless of gender.