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Well sometimes if he still is trying to get in your convertion you can tell. But other times if you still love him you could just talk to him say "I still have feelings for you do you feel the same way or do you still just like me as a friend?"


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They'll Still flirt With You and Call You N Try To Tell You He Loves/Likes You..

You can't most likely they hate you.

ill tell even i like ur ex and we could have a threesome someday

If they still care for that person. That's the only way I know!

He will stare at you when you walk past him, and he will try flirting with you.

just tell him...make him feel bad...tell him that your the only girl who still loves him and would always be there for him through thick and thin

You can maybe tell him about how you feel like when your with him how happy you are and how you feel safe with him

if he still loves you he will be looking at you and constantly making excuses so he can find you and tell you he still loves heres some advice if your ex has more feelings for you than your boyfriend go back out with him but make sure you dump your boyfriend before you ask him back out

Don't do that because she or he. Will get upset and want to fight your ex and dump you

Just sit him down and tell him how you feel and if he loves you he will take it in and stop talking to his ex.

its not that hard to tell if he calls you late at night, wants to talk to you,wont leave you alone those are some signs. but usually you can tell when he/she still loves you -pretty in punk

Tell her that you still have feelings for her and you know she does too. silently walk away. if she actually loves u she WILL come back. and that last answer was so mean.

well you should tell your exs girlfriend and ask her how she feels about him still liking u

you think you can forgive him or you belive you still have a chance. however if you dont feel anything for him tell him you dont and he will move on.

no it is not at ALL ohk because then not only does it confuse the girl and her ex but also the new boyfriend!!

Because He/She Still Loves You.

Well if they still live with you or come over then yes!

the way you can tell if your ex still is in love with cause they be on yo team!

IF YOU HAVE REUNITED THEY ARE NOT YOUR EX ANYMORE! Does he make time for you? Call you? Want to see you? Is he married? Does he respect you? All I can say, is go for it! If you want him back, tell him!

try to talk to him about it and tell him tht ur sorry but it is over .and u can still be frndz but if he crosses the line then don't talk to him

Just hope she loves you a whole lot more then her ex, since well you are married....

If he talks strange or does anything unusual with his hands, feet and legs.

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