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in my opinion ... yes they are ........and why don't you just ask her if she likes you that's also a start.

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Q: How do you tell if she likes me..sometimes she stares at me and she likes to be around... are they enough signs?
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What does it mean if a girl stares at you a lot?

If she stares at you then it might mean that she likes you or maybe she likes someone around you or thinks you are cute.

If he is nervous around you and he stares at you what does it mean?

it means he likes you, but he is nervous around you

How could a girl they a guy she likes them?

If she acts weird around the guy she likes that means she like him if she stares at him it cud mean she likes him if she seems shy around him that cud mean she likes him also

How do you know if girl likes?

look at them if she stares at you sometimes or likes to be close to you or sometimes they will joke around with you more than others

Guy doesnt talk but stares at you?

you should probably just ask around and see what he likes about you

If a girl constantly stares at you but she asks to do things for her what is she trying to say?

If she stares it means she likes you.

When he stares and you look he keeps stareing?

He likes you.

How you can tell if a guy likes you?

if he slaps you on the but and if he stares at you

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes and is nice to you and when he's with his friends he stares at you?

he likes you and thinks your hot.

What does it mean when a boy stares?

he likes u He likes you or is thinking really hard

How can you tell if he will ever go out with you?

if he stares at you and tell to someone he likes me or tell me he likes me

What does it mean if a guy stares at you alot?

Welll it could mean a range of things. He likes you. He is checking you out. Or he wasn't looking at you, but staring blankly in your direction. If he stares at you again, smile and maybe wink if you are confident enough.

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