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You should be able to feel the strings protruding from your cervix. If you are worried see the doctor or nurse and get it checked.

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2006-02-06 00:10:46
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Q: How do you tell if your IUD has moved?
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Can the IUD moved during exercise?

The IUD is not more likely to move during exercise. There are no activity restrictions when using the IUD.

How do you know if your IUD moved?

Signs that your IUD may have moved in a way that needs attention include change in string length, disappearance of strings, feeling the IUD at the opening of your cervix, or cramping or bleeding with sex. Remember that it is normal for the IUD to move slightly within the uterus.

Can exercise cause the IUD to drop?

The inside of the uterus is a small space. The IUD fits inside relatively snugly. The IUD can't be moved by running, jumping jacks, ski jumping, or any other such activity.

How do you tell if you are pregnant with a IUD?

Take a pregnancy test.

Where do you get an IUD?

You can get an IUD from your women's health care provider, family planning office, or family practitioner. The IUD manufacturers often have directories that tell you names of local providers in your area.

Can the iud string come off and fall out of you?

Because it is securely attached to the IUD, an IUD string is unlikely to fall out. If you find your string is missing, contact your health care provider and use a backup method of birth control until you confirm that the IUD is still in place. A missing string can mean the IUD fell out without you knowing, but typically the string just moved up into the cervix.

How do you tell someone you love him when you have moved on?

how can you tell if someone has moved on

You are having a leep procedure with the Mirena IUD is there anyone that can tell you of their experiences with the IUD?

Just had the LEEP surgery... They had to take out the Mirena because of the string...Now I have to pay over 800 just to get a new IUD put in.

Can you get pregnant if your IUD has moved?

If the IUD is not at the top of the uterus, you may be at risk for pregnancy. If you think this has happened, use a back up method of birth control until you've consulted with your health care provider.

Does amoxicillin affect mirena?

No. Amoxicillin will not interact poorly with the Mirena IUD. There are medications that should not be taken, so be sure to tell a doctor about the IUD before getting a prescription.

You have an IUD just had your period but have all the symptoms of pregnancy Is it possible you are pregnant?

Well the IUD is around 99% effective but it is also possible for it to be expelled or moved which can cause it to be less effective. I suggest that you take a pregnancy test ASAP because an IUD can cause an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or premature birth.

How can you tell if you damaged your uterus after IUD removal?

There is no known risk of uterine damage with IUD removal. If the IUD was removed intact, there are no other concerns. Please contact your health care provider to discuss any symptoms or worries you're experiencing.

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