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How do you tell if your fish are mating?

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Fish don't normally mate. The female lays eggs and swims away, the male then fertilizes the eggs. In some species they'll keep watch over their nest, others don't. Now... that said, one of the real miracles of nature comes in the form of a fish... The seahorse. They are a beauty to behold. Their courtship rituals are amazing, absolutely beautiful. The pair will swim around together, holding one each others tails. They dance for one another too. When they are ready, the male puffs out his pouch, and the female deposits her eggs inside.

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When is mating season for fish?

It is mating season for fish when it is really hot and dry.

Mating sesason for fishes?

Mating between fish is called spawning. Spawning season is different for each species of fish.

How can you tell if a fish is mating?

Fish don't actually "mate" in the sense you're thinking. The female fish deposits her eggs in clusters, and the male will fertilize them by releasing a "cloud" of sperm over the eggs.

When is mating season for fish-?

Mating season for fish will be different each species of fish. Some fish may mate year round such as tropical fish, while other mate during the spring or summer.

How do you tell if a black molly fish is mating with another molly?

It will be chasing it around near it's butt and stabbing it with it's gonopodium...

When is the mating season for betta fish?


Do amphibians reproduce sexually or asexually?

Sexually. Like a mixture between reptile mating and fish mating.

When is a fish mating season?

Entirely depends on the species.

When is platy fish mating season?

all year

Do male guppies fish die after mating?

Yes they do

How can you tell if turtles are mating?

bellys get fater

How do you stop betta fish from mating?

the betta fish is a very beautiful fish but maybe put them in a seperate bowl for awhile.

What is spawning?

Spawning is quite simply the act of mating in fish.

How do you know when silver sharks fish are mating?

theres aboner

What does spawn mean?

* 2 fish in love with each other * 2 fish breeding * A beautiful dance that fish do during mating season

How do you tell if a fancy guppy is mating or breeding?

They are the same thing.

How do you make fish mate?

Fish cannot be made to mate , except by artificial means. Fish can be allowed to mate in captive situations by several known methods. Providing fish with correct temperature, water condition, suitable mating environment, changing those conditions to match normal wild mating conditions may allow mature fish to mate. Sometimes mating fish in captivity is easy as feeding them and keeping them in suitable water conditions. Some fish have never been bred in captivity and will only breed in wild conditions.

When is mating season for fantail fish?

It is in the Spring and goes on to part of the early Summer.

Do Fish look like they are fighting when mating?

Sometimes yes; and vice versa.

How do you tell if a fish is a girl or boy?

its may not be easy but you can tell around spring. around spring it is mating time and the if you look right on top of the tank the male will look even on both sides and the female will look bloated on one side

How do you tell if your pet fish is male or female?

It depends on what kind of fish it is; some fish you can tell and others you cannot tell.

How can you tell if a fish is a male?

You can tell if a fish is a male because the Male fish is smaller than a Female fish

How do you know if snails are mating?

You could tell if a snail is mating because their slimel part of their body is hooked up with each other.

When do ice fish breed?

They breed, (Give Birth) to another fish a few days after mating, but be careful because the fish eggs are small and may be eaten by fish. (Not Sure answer but is close)

How do you tell what sex your fantail fish is?

how do you tell what sex a fantail fish is?

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