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Why don't you sneak a look at her mobile phone texts or bills? If you don't feel that you can trust her you shouldn't be going with her. If she isn't trustworthy, dump her. If YOU are unable to trust HER because of her actions, you still shouldn't be going with her.


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You tell him that all you want to do is be friends. because most likely you will become the new rebound.

cuz shes a hater nd knows that since u dumped him shes the rebound

a rebound in a relationship is when u have someone to go out with rite after u det dumped or break up with the person ur with

because he dumped his girlfriend

because he dumped his girlfriend and then she killed him.

Say "I'll be your rebound" ;) Unless he's ugly then say "I saw it coming"

If your 'ex' dumped you for an 'ex' that dumped her, chances are she's gonna get dumped again.

Zayn Malik has not got a girlfriend he dumped her on the 6/1/12

It depends whether he is just booty-calling you or if there is actually a problem. These 'problems' don't include, 'My girlfriend just dumped me and I realised that you're the only one for me.' This, translated vaguely, means, 'My girlfriend just dumped me because I'm a cheating prick and now I want sex . . . what do you want?'.

No because his ex-girlfriend Danielle dumped him for Bradley then they went back out then she dumped him for Jason then she dumped him and now Oliver is single and so is she but he loves someone but will not tell anyone who it is apart from Laura and Joseph and everybody else thinks its Danielle still.

Hazel from Manchester bbut he dumped her

Louis Smith the gymnast, he dumped his girlfriend for her !

nope perri has dumped his girlfriend Lauren because he didnt have time for dancing and her

it really depends on: why you dumped her or why she dumped you and it depends on if you want to give her a second chance

Go out with him. No offense but you might really like this person and that dumped girlfriend doesn't like you even more of a reason. Date him if you like him, but I'd ask if he dumped this other girl kindly and was a gentleman about it, just to give you a clue about his possible future behavior.

hes not worth your time a guy like that is always going to be that way. Hes always going to want more than one girlfriend at a time ebcause he knows he can get away with it. and the only way you will know if he dumped her is by asking her.

Stop chasing her and get some self-esteem.

Remeber that if he dumped you, he's missing out. And if you dumped him, give yourself sometime, see how you feel about other people, and dont try and jump into a relationship for rebound sake or to make him jealous.

he had 2 louisa lytton (Aston dumped her) then he woz goin out wiv Natalie rush (but Aston dumped her too)

Dont take revenge. She will hate you and you will hate yourself. People get dumped everyday and get over it. You will stop hurting soon.

Not likely, or not much. Beware of being used.

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