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On the cover to the engine compartment fuse panel there will be a description of what each one does, if not there is a window in the top of the fuse itself for checking whether it is any good or not. There must be a reason for the fuses to blow, that is what you need to address they just dont pop for no reason and putting in a higher amp fuse wont solve it, in fact it will make things worse by causing the circuits that are being protected by that fuse to possibly melt down and necessitate a much more costly repair.

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Split type aircon or window type aircon?

split type

Where is the aircon filter located in e240 2001 model?

In the Aircon Box

How many watts does an aircon consume in an hour?

Depends on the size of the aircon.

Convert 1 tonner aircon to horsepower?

1 tonner aircon = 4.7 HP

What is the Tagalog of aircon?

Tagalog translation of AIRCON: palamigan

How a Aircon cool?

Aircon is cooling because it absorbs the heat from the room, then when it returns they will produce the airconditioned air from the conditioned space.

What country did the aircon come from?


What could cause the aircon switch light not to work or the aircon not to start working in a 1996 Nissan Pickup?

assume you have checked the bulb ....... many auto aircon systems shutdown on loss of refrigerant gases to protect the compressor. Been gassed recently?

What type of gas on aircon of bighorn?


Which SNSD member loves the aircon?


What are materials that improve by technology?

electricfan to aircon

How if capillary tube of the aircon is icing?

if the capillary tube of the aircon is icing...the trouble is the system is not filly charge and the pins is a lot of dirt from accu and fcu.

Convert 5 tonner aircon to horsepower?


What is window type aircon?

window type aircon usually use in small confined can be install at the level of the window.this is cheaper than split type airconditioning.

Which consumes less energy a three fourths HP regular aircon or a 1 HP inverter type aircon?

3/4 hp of course consumes less electricty

What is Starting current for air conditioners?

current for starting the aircon

What is ampere rating of 5horsepower split type aircon?


How do you regas aircon?

It is a job that you need to pay a qualified engineer to do for you.

What is the idle of a 5k Toyota engine with aircon on?

Toyota 5K engines idle are: without vaccuum hoses attached but sealed = 750 rpm with attached vaccuum hoses and power steering = 850 rpm with aircon on and power steering attached = 900 rpm actually i run mine 5K toyota at 600 RPM with power steering but without aircon. With aircon on it should be at 800 RPM. or else its gonna be shaking. Ricky Recodo

Where is takuya kobayashi of Sanyo electric company?

sanyo aircon milan

What is advantages of aircon?

Gives cooler air and a more comfortable environment.

Where is the aircon moduel for a Renault megane scenic?

Under the alternator, at the bottom.

What is three examples of a artificial light source?

iron,Aircon and Oven

What energy is similar to wind energy?

Electric fan, aircon etc.

how is the best aircon servicer in Singapore?

we do all types of aircon servicing in Singapore. we do services like general service, chemical wash, chemical overhaul, gas top-up, repair services .etc for booking contact our site below contact us:+65 8712 8795(live WhatsApp support)

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