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What do you mean a witch? If you mean an actual spell casting witch then just tell him.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-29 11:11:37
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Q: How do you tell your boyfriend that his ex is a witch?
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What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

Tell ex-boyfriend you have a new boyfriend?

To tell your ex boyfriend you have to say were just friends and that i know i have moved on but we can still be friends but we moved on and i have a boyfriend now

Why would and ex-girlfriend tell an ex-boyfriend that she called her new boyfriend by his name during passion?

She probably did it to make the ex- boyfriend jealous.

How do you tell your ex boyfriend you miss him?

you don't

How do you lose my ex boyfriend?

tell him to leave you alone and tell a parent

How do you get an ex boyfriend to understand how you feel about them?

you have to flat out tell them.

What if your ex boyfriend is being a jerk?

tell him MAHA!

What can you tell to my boyfriend ex?

it's your loss not mine

Can you tell your ex boyfriend that you miss him?

yes definitely.........

What do you do when your ex boyfriend calls you names?

Tell him to stop and

What should you do when your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is sending him love messages?

I think you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him to have a little chat with his ex.

Is there a problem when you speak about your ex when with your boyfriend?

That would depend on several things. Do you talk to your boyfriend about your ex as in things you and he used to do together? Do you talk about him in a manner that would indicate to your boyfriend that you still love, or miss your ex? Do you tell your boyfriend things like, "That's not the way my ex did it"? If so, then it is a problem.

What to do when your boyfriend is talking to his ex?

you tell her to back off get mad at your boyfriend so he will back off

How do you tell if your shy ex boyfriend still likes you?

Ask him

How can you tell to your ex boyfriend that you're still in love with him?

get naked....

Should you tell your boyfriend about your ex-husband?

Yes, you should.

How can you tell if your ex boyfriend still likes you or not?

He probably doesn't

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but like an ex that you were in love with?

Be honest with your current boyfriend about loving your ex, but make sure your ex feels the same way

Why did you cheat on your current boyfriend with your ex- boyfriend?

that possibly means you aren't over your ex. so maybe tell BOTH of them to take a break and think about it!

What do you do when you get to know your boyfriend is still dating his ex girlfriend?

You go up to your boyfriend and tell him to choose, but if he can't then break up with him. Why go out with a guy who goes back out with his ex if he has another boyfriend.

If boyfriend accuses you of cheating and you haven't but you have lied about talking to an ex what does that mean?

No it is not cheating as long as you were not talking to your ex as if you two were going out. Also you need to tell your boyfriend that you were talking to your ex because how can he rust you if you tell him lies and if he cant trust you that will lead into a breakup

How do you tell your ex boyfriends mom that you miss your ex boyfriend?

Show her some photos of him giving you a facial.

What does it mean when you dream holding hands with your ex boyfriend?

This dream suggests that you continue to be emotionally connected with your ex boyfriend. However, the dream is about your own feelings; it does not tell you anything at all about your ex boyfriend's thoughts and feelings about you.

What do you do when your ex tells you he loves you but you have a boyfriend?

Tell him to move on because you already have.

Should you tell your ex boyfriend happy birthday?

only if its his birthday