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You should be fair to your boyfriend and break up with him. Let him know you still have feelings for your ex, and that it's not fair to him to stay in a relationship where you have these feelings.

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Q: How do you tell your boyfriend that you are still in love with your ex?
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How can you tell to your ex boyfriend that you're still in love with him?

get naked....

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

How do you tell your ex boyfriend that you still love him?

you get him to say it first i know how you feel

You love your boyfriend but he cares what his ex thinks about him still Does he really love you?

he does it just that he still used to his ex but just tell him that he need to listen to you because your with him and not his ex unless you guys shoulnt be together

How do you show my ex boyfriend that i still love him and want him back?

you call him everday and you go to his house everyday and tell him that you love him still.

What should you do if you still love your ex but she has a boyfriend?

Tell her how you feel and ask who she likes. Or ask if she still likes you in her heart.

How do you show your ex boyfriend that you still love him?

Tell him you will support him no matter what he does and that you just want him to be happy.

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend you still love him?

Give him a crd or make him one, he will know you love him since you put effort into it!

How do you tell if your boyfriend is still in love with his ex?

When he's being awkward, thinks about her a lot, talks to her. avoids you

Tell ex-boyfriend you have a new boyfriend?

To tell your ex boyfriend you have to say were just friends and that i know i have moved on but we can still be friends but we moved on and i have a boyfriend now

Is there a problem when you speak about your ex when with your boyfriend?

That would depend on several things. Do you talk to your boyfriend about your ex as in things you and he used to do together? Do you talk about him in a manner that would indicate to your boyfriend that you still love, or miss your ex? Do you tell your boyfriend things like, "That's not the way my ex did it"? If so, then it is a problem.

How do you tell your ex boyfriend you still love him?

Depends, if you fought send him a note or a present saying so or a friend to tell him with you or just tell him yourself

How do you tell if your ex is still in love with you?

the way you can tell if your ex still is in love with cause they be on yo team!

How do you tell another boy you still in love with your ex boyfriend?

grow a pair of balls and just tell them. that's the best advice you can take.

Your boyfriend is still in love with her ex girlfriend?

Ok, so it the boyfriend in love with your ex-gf, or your bf is actually a girl orrrr?

You are married and still in love with your ex boyfriend?

God help me- I have children but am still in love with my ex from 15 years ago.

What does it mean when a new boyfriend dreams about your ex boyfriend?

you still love her

What do you do if your ex boyfriend says he still loves you?

If you still love him then you might want to go out with him. If you don't love him anymore tell himyou are not interested or are in a relasionship. It depends on what you broke up for

In love with your ex-boyfriend but you have someone new but your ex also stalks you help?

Just straight up tell him stop stalking you. You guys can still be friends. Also if you don't really like your new boyfriend dump him and go back out with your ex, if he still wants to have a relationship with you.

You think you still love your ex boyfriend how do you know?

If you still think of your ex-boyfriend and talk about him that means you ain't over him. If you continue to hate your ex that means you still got feeling there.

What to do when you have a new boyfriend but still love your ex?

I might be biased because I'm in the same situation but I am the ex that is still loved. I'll tell you what I would tell my ex if she would listen. Ask yourself: why did you break up with your ex, was it a bad breakup, did you really love him, does he still love you, would you tell your current boyfriend the truth even though it would hurt him, do you love your ex or your current boyfriend more? In my situation these questions don't really matter because a relationship is near impossible because of the time and cost of a 4 year LDR. If you love your ex but he is on the the other side of the world with a new woman and a family and you haven't talked to him in a decade, It's safe to say you should move on. If it's possible to be with your ex, decide who is more important to you and who you love more. I'm a believer in true love. If you find yourself thinking about your ex during the day while driving somewhere with your new man, you should really ask yourself what am I doing with this new boyfriend when I have such strong feelings for my ex. If your ex is worth it to you, tell him he is. Tell him your feelings. You might find he feels the same, or he will tell you he has moved on. Listen to your heart over everything else.

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend you still love him when he doesn't love you anymore?

well you dont but try to make him love you again and when you get back together say you never stop loving him

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but love your ex who is back in town for the summer?

You love your ex who is back in town. Go and tell her that you still love him . You can get a positive reply from his side who knows.

Dreaming about an ex boyfriend?

If you dream about an ex-boyfriend that means you still love him!

What should you do when your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is sending him love messages?

I think you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him to have a little chat with his ex.