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And what's the problem with that? You could go through anybody's cell phone and find female phone numbers. I've got my employees, my wife's best friends, the people at the church, the mother's of my students, my fellow students and all sorts of other women.

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How do you switch phone numbers from cell phone to cell phone?

You do it through your carrier.

What is plies fiance name?

hey plies what is your fiance name and what is your phone nuumber because you is so fine.

Can two phone numbers ring on the same cell phone?

No, one will get through and the other will go to the answer phone.

How do you put numbers on your phone through gmail account?

You can put numbers on your phone through Gmail by keypad. You mobile number could also be added easily. The number of your mobile is not revealed to public.

Is your fiance cheating if he has women's phone numbers in his wallet?

Unless there is a woman's name written down with that phone number I wouldn't jump to conclusions. If you don't want to ask him about it, then write the number down and phone those numbers. My husband carries a few phone numbers in his wallet, but they are strictly business. He does put the name by the number so that helps. If they are women's phone numbers don't waste one more breath on this guy and kick him to the curb. You'll never be able to trust him again.

How do you retrieve phone numbers that you have lost on your mobile phone?

if theres no way to retrieve deleted numbers then how come i did it through

Is your fiance cheating on you if he has women's phone numbers in his cell phone?

first you should call the numbers and see what they re yo him if yhey say that that is their man you should leave him if you black go buck wild u know what i mean but dont just asume something see if it is true

How do you tell if your fiance is still sleeping with his ex?

she calls you from his phone and tell you

How many 10 digit phone numbers are possible?

Without restrictions, it was would numbers 000-000-0000 through 999-999-9999. So that would be 9,999,999,999 + 1 = 10 billion different 10-digit phone numbers. Ex: If there existed single digit phone numbers, there would be 10, because the digits are 0 through 9. If there existed only double digit phone numbers, then it would be 00 through 99 which would be 100 total two-digit numbers. Therefore the total possible combinations for an X digit phone number would be: 10^X

What kind of phone does Katy Perry's fiance have in the music video Hot n' cold?

A Nokia slide phone.

Phone Numbers of Doctors IN Lucknow UP India?

phone numbers of doctors in lucknow

How do you block phone numbers?

With call screening you can not just block phone numbers but also vanity 800 numbers or toll free phone numbers.

Are cell phone numbers in the phone book?

Generally not. Phone books list land line phone numbers.

What is the formula for calculating phone numbers?

Phone companies assign phone numbers arbitrarily; there is no formula.

How do I get the stars of H2O's phone numbers?

"WikiAnswers does not publish phone numbers"

How do you get cerleberty phone number?

Celebrity phone numbers are not publicly listed. The only way to get one is to become friends with a celebrity or through illegal measures.

Your fiance refuses to show you his cell detail phone calls. Why does he refuse?

He likes his privacy.

Why are phone numbers not allowed on WikiAnswers?

It is a violation of privacy to give out personal phone numbers. These include home and cell phone numbers.

Why do movie phone numbers start with 555?

Other than directory assistance, phone numbers do not start with 555, so numbers in the movies do not conflict with actual phone numbers.

How many phone numbers are there?

The maximum number of phone numbers are 6.4 billion.

How many phone numbers does a 10 channel PRI have?

100 phone numbers

Where can I look up cell phone numbers?

You could look up cell phone numbers online in a directory however cell phone numbers are not like home phone numbers and are much harder to research and come by

What 2 numbers on phone have no numbers?

* and # key have no numbers

How does phone locks work?

if u have one on a touch screen phone then it should be circles in settings and the u can choose the pattern and save it but if it is on a non touch screen phone then u put in numbers so people cant go through your messages ,music ,phone numbers , and photos and it is also in settings.

How can you get the cell phone numbers of some basketball players?

A really good place to find peoples phone numbers is It has the phone numbers and addresses of a lot of people. I am not sure whether they have the phone numbers of basketball players, but I think that they do.

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