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Depends on laws & proceedures required within your state. Find a custody lawyer in the yellow pages & ask someone local. In Michigan, you need to prove that the father is unfit or have him sign off his rights. Sometimes, if you drop the child support arrearages, deadbeat dads are more willing to consent to this. After all, they don't care about the child, only about themselves. * Termination of parental rights can only be done by the court or by the voluntary relinquishment of rights by a parent. The non compliant parent should be brought to the attention of the court through the state's department of family and children's services.

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Q: How do you terminate the rights of a parent who doesn't pay child support or take part in their child's life?
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Can one parent terminate their parental rights leaving the child with the other parent in Florida?

Yes, but keep in mind that relinquishing parental rights does not terminate support.

Why would the child support agency terminate child support services?

because the custodial parent passed away,

Will a judge take custody away from the custodial parent if they can not financially support their child?

No, that alone is not a reason to terminate custody. The non-custodial parent should be paying child support.

Are there Forms to terminate parental rights with still paying child support?

I suggest you consult with the other parent and an attorney on this. However, keep in mind that terminating parental rights does not terminate one's support obligation.

If custodial parent doesnt want child support does non custodial parent lose parental rights?


Is parental rights canceled if custodial parent doesnt want child support?


When a custodial parent dies is child support from a non custodial parent still due?

Of course. Unless the non-custodial parent takes sole custody, the non-custodial parent is still responsible for paying child support to whomever the child goes to. There is no reason the death of a parent should terminate the other parent's child support obligation.

In the state of NJ can you terminate your own parental rights?

You can't terminate your obligation to support your child. That type of order must be decided by a court and only when the child is being legally adopted such that another parent will be responsible for the support of the child.

Can a father in SC sign off on his parental rights?

Yes, a parent in South Carolina can voluntarily terminate their parental rights. However, they may still be required to pay child support. Only adoption will absolutely terminate child support.

Should a parent check their childs cell phone?

no !

Can a parent terminate visitation and still receive child support?

It's not the custodial parent who can end a court ordered visitation, only the court can do that. But if the non-custodial parent gives up the parental rights or they are taken away by the court, the custodial parent will still recieve child support.

Does the parent still have financial obligations after signing over parental rights?

Termination of parental rights does not, in itself, terminate child support.

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