How do you thin motor oil?

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never heard of doing that, but kerosene would work. ________

[fm wrote] When I was on a farm I seen the farmers using kerosene in the dead of very cold winters, it is a common practice and that was in the 1950's & 60's. BUT !!!!! it must be used with caution. The newer motors need that oils protection on start-up and too much kerosene will damage it. I've done this on my International Harvester Travelall 392 Ci gas engine when it dropped to -21 degrees. I used only a 1/2 quart of kerosene in the oil. Before shutting it down for that night, run the motor for one minute with that kerosene for it to mix. In the morning you should be surprised how fast it will start. DO NOT REV the motor until it's slightly warmed. The engines heat will eventually evaporate that kerosene. JUST DON'T over do it. Be aware that the oil is less protective with kerosene in it on the bearings surfaces. . . . . . . . . . . HAPPY THINNING! . . . . . . . . . .

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Q: How do you thin motor oil?
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Is motor oil a heterogenous mixture or homogenous mixture?

The motor oil is a homogeneous mixture even though it is not colorless. I can see an object through a thin layer of oil.

Is motor oil a heterogeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?

The motor oil is a homogeneous mixture even though it is not colorless. I can see an object through a thin layer of oil.

What turns motor oil brown and thin as water?

This can be an indication of moisture in the oil. Possibly a leaking head gasket.

Is oil Thin?

Oil is a liquid that can be thick or thin.

Is oil slick thick or thin?

Oil is slick thin

Why is motor oil used in engines?

Motor oil is used to lubricate the internal parts, the close tolerance and extreme heat necessary for combustion require a thin film of lubrication to keep all the parts moving smoothly.

Why does your Dodge van 318 lose oil pressure after warmup?

Molecules in motor oil thin and thicken depending on tempetures. Thats why you'll see motor oil classified as 5-30 or 10-30 weight motor oil. When you crank a van in 30 degree weather, the oil molecules are thin as the engine warms up the motor oil becomes thicker. Make sure you're using the correct motor oil weight. Dodge is notorious for having bad "oil sending units". If you're using the correct motor oil weight and have the correct amount in the engine. If the oil pressure is below 40psi while driving at speed, it may be a bad oil sending unit. If you have over 145,000 miles on the van, you could have a clogged oil pump screen or too much sludge built up in the engine for the oil too flow properly.

What will happen to a car if hydraulic oil is put in?

Standard hydraulic oil is a thin oil. Due to the high operating temperatures of the combustion engine, the oil breaks down much faster than standard motor oil. Using it can cause leaks on the motor seals. It will also cause your motor to wear faster than normal and the oil will be burned causing your car to discharge a thick white smoke from the exhaust.

What is pronto motor oil?

A Cheap motor oil

What is the density of motor oil?

the density of motor oil is 54.9

Is motor oil a mixture of a substance?

Motor oil is a mixture.

Is motor oil a substance or a mixture?

Motor Oil is a mixture.

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