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How do you think your computer would work if it had 1 Terabyte of memory?

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Not so great.

2006-07-25 23:28:57
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Q: How do you think your computer would work if it had 1 Terabyte of memory?
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What is equal to one trillion memory locations?

That would be a terabit. The unit "terabyte" is more commonly used, but each byte is actually 8 memory locations (bits).

Which is the fastest memory in a computer?

The fastest type of memory would be the registers on the CPU.

How can you check the memory of a computer for errors?

To check the memory of a computer for errors, you would need to check the computer's task manager. Similarly, the memory of a computer can be checked via the control panel.

Where can one get information on memory ram?

Any local computer store would have information on the memory ram of a computer. The employees of these computer stores are professionals and the information that they provide would be ideal.

Is it legal to copy a game onto a memory stick and put it onto another computer?

you would think that if you would do that it would be inapropriate. however if you do it it is not that bad so yes and no.

Do computer games ruin a computer?

No, why would they? They simply just take up memory on the computer

Do you have to install memory on the motherboard to start up computer?

Technically, no, but it is extremely suggested that you do, as the computer would be nearly useless without memory.

What is a terbyte?

A Terabyte is 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) bytes of memory, that in most cases is related to computer technology. It is equal to 1,024 gigabytes.- A terabyte (TB) is a measure of computer storage capacity that is 2 to the 40th power or approximately a trillion bytes (that is, a thousand gigabytes). The prefix tera is derived from the Greek word for monster.Hitachi began selling 1-terabyte hard drives to consumers in 2007. (Today, consumers can purchase a 2-terabyte external hard drive for around $180.) A one terabyte drive can hold:472 hours of broadcast quality video.150 hours of hi-definition recording.Enough words that it would take every adult in America speaking at the same time five minutes to say them all.According to futurist Raymond Kurzwell is "The Singularity is Near," the capacity of a human being's functional memory is estimated to be 1.25 terabytes.-moi

How big would one terabyte be?

A terabyte is 2 steps bigger than a megabyte. It is used to measure stuff and is an metric measurement. A terabyte would be used as something bigger than needed for a megabyte.

How many miles would a terabyte you?

Please rephrase your question. A Terabyte is a measure of data storage, not length.

Can a magnet erase memory from a vending machine?

i dont think so because a vending machine isn't as sensetive to a magnet as a computer would be.

What are the different computer memory types?

There are seven basic types of computer memory. These seven types would be Random Access Memory, Serial Access Memory, Dynamic Random Access Memory, Video Random Access Memory, Flash Memory, Shadow Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory.

Would a video game on a disc take up the memory of your computer or laptop?

Anything that is run on your computer uses memory(also called RAM)

What is the unit more than the gigabyte?

The next measurement in the series would be the terabyte. A terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes.

Why does computer need memory?

A computer has to follow a set of instructions called a program.If it is asked to find the solution of a particular question then the information or instructions must be stored would be stored in one of the two types of computer memory called main memory and secondary memory.

If you by a memory card and transfure your careers to it would you be able to play them with out axcessing live?

Just as you need a computer to put information onto a memory card you will need a computer or something that reads memory cards to print from the memory card

Is ram brain of the computer?

The processor would be considered to be the brain of the computer. RAM is just part of the working memory of the computer.

What is a good amount of memory for a laptop computer?

I think A $300 laptop through a $400 dollar laptop is a good price.TIP: Never buy a Notebook because you only have service for six months!I think 500-600MB memory is enough for a laptop. I would buy the latest memory and hard drive system but sometimes it cost's allot.It also depends on the type of computer your buying.

What is organic and artificial memory?

Organic would be the type of memory people have, made of living cells. Artificial would be like computer RAM (Random Access Memory) or a computer hard drive, something that is created by people instead of occurring naturally.

Why would you use a computers secondary memory?

To look at files created on your home computer on a public computer

Where can one purchase additional memory for a Mac computer?

The best place to purchase additional memory for a Mac computer would be off the Apple site. This way one will know the product will be compatible with the computer.

Is it good to have a lot of computer memory?

Yes in short it is. A basic explanation of computer memory (or Random Access Memory or RAM) is the place where your computer stores things in the short term that don't need to be remembered (if they did need to be remembered they would be on the hard drive), the more Memory you have the more data can be stored in this space.

How big is 100000000000000gb?

I think it is a Pedabyte. It goes in this order Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte Pedabyte Exabyte Zettabyte Yottabyte 8 bits equal 1 byte a kilobyte is 1024 Bytes a Megabyte is 1024 Kilobytes a gigabyte is 1024 Megabytes a Terabyte is 1024 Gigabytes a Pedabyte is 1024 Terabytes a exabyte is 1024 pedabytes a zettabyte is 1024 Exabytes a Yottabyte is 1024 Zettabytes and the biggest known memory but you can't get Yottabyte hard drive as they would cost millions it's the ultimate computer hard drive that no one can buy

What are the 7 processes of a computer?

INPUT; OUTPUT; DATA ORGANISATION; ADDRESS ORGANISATION; ADDING; SUBTRACTING; MEMORY. I try to think of such problems by what I would list as important if I was going to design a computer without ever have seen one before. The INPUT and OUTPUT are the human interface. I don't differentiate any of the variants such as static memory and dynamic memory.

Is information in ROM lost when you turn the computer off?

No. ROM is persistent memory, unlike RAM (Random Access Memory) which would lose information when the computer is powered down.