How do you tighten a loose tilt wheel on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

usually steeing wheels don't come loose. the steering colomn is probibly just worn out an needs replaced. if it is just loose you need to un hook the battery and pull out the screws on the back of the steering wheel that will let yu remove the airbag and once that is out of the way you can see the nut in the center of the steering wheel and just tighten it back up and put everything back together.

actually tilt wheels can come loose ,do the same as above but instead of tightening the center nut undo it then with a steering wheel puller take wheel off take out signal switch ,now the tricky part theres 3 torx screws which attach the top half of the cloum to the tilt kuckel .can only tighten 1 or 2 sometimes but it works. if you need to go and buy manual or go ask Pontiac dealer for a shematic .