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How do you tint windows?

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2006-09-14 17:36:29

Tinting offers privacy and UV protection, but assess your skills

before taking on this project yourself: At the very least, you'd

better be good at measuring and cutting. This is a precision job.

Steps: 1. Gather the following tools and materials: tinting film,

an X-Acto knife, razors, a blow dryer or heat gun, 4-inch

squeegees, small sponges, a 4-inch hard card or Bondo card, a bone

tool, and a spray bottle filled with a mixture of dishwashing soap

and water. 2. Cut the film in the shape of the windows. Set cutouts

aside on a glass board or an area devoted to cut film. 3. Spray the

side window with the soap and water mixture. 4. Use a razor to go

over the side window to remove any residue. 5. Use a 4-inch

squeegee to get rid of any residue from top to bottom. 6. Apply the

tint to the side window. Leave 1/4 inch to 1/16 inch from the top

edge of the window without tint. This will be covered when the

window and door are closed. 7. Employ the bone tool and push the

tint below the inner rubber seals of the window. 8. Use the hard

card to make certain that the tint goes into all the corners. 9.

Take a heat gun or blow dryer in one hand and a squeegee in the

other, and heat from the top on one side, working the tint with the

squeegee on the other side in a horizontal motion. This should get

out any remaining moisture from between the film and glass. 10. Use

the same procedure to apply the tint film to the front windshield.

11. Follow steps 3 and 5 in applying the film to the rear window.

Don't use the razor blade to prep the rear window because the blade

can damage the rear defroster. 12. Count the number of defroster

lines on the back window. 13. Cut the rear window film into the

required number of panels. 14. Place the first panel on the bottom,

the second panel on top of the first, the third panel on top of the

second and so on. Identify the defroster line where two panels

overlap. 15. Trim the film from over the defroster lines. Be

careful about how dark you go. Check your local laws. Many places

have restrictions on how dark the front roll downs and windshield

can be. This can save a lot of time and money. This I know!

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