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How do you title a car that is missing its VIN tag?

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The VIN number can be found in a number of spots in a car. Along the door edge, on the dash, etched into the engine block. Specific cars have different locations. Call the car's manufacturer and they can tell you where to look. Don't buy a car with a missing VIN tag, especially the main one under the windshield. If you have already bought it, you may have a serious problem especially if you live in California. If you have already purchased this vehicle, contact your local County Court Clerk or DMV, for advice on what to do. You state laws will apply.

2006-07-26 14:42:53
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How do you get a title for a antique car that does not have a vin tag?

They used the engine numbers.

How do you get a title with a VIN?

File for a lost title at your local DMV tag office.

Can a dealer sell a car without a vin plate?

NO! Not unless it is a vehicle that was produced before the introduction of the VIN system. That would be prior to 60s. Otherwise it is illegal to sell a vehicle with the VIN tag missing.

Can you get a tag for a car that has no title?

No, you cannot get a tag or register a car without the title and proof of ownership. This document is required throughout the U.S.

Can you get a tag for your deceased child car that the title is in his name?

I am a car salesman. My experience is yes. You need to call your local tag and title office.

Where is the frame vin on 1940 Chevy coupe?

The original VIN is located on a tag on the right front passenger floor right inside the door. It's not uncommon for the tag to be missing. Also, some States used the engine number as the VIN.

How do you determine a vehicle's VIN number if the placard inside is not legible?

If you have the title, the VIN is on there. Or, if you have a tag or insurance the DVM or the Insurance company has it on file.

Who pays for car tag missing?

Whoever it is registered to.

Can you locate an old car with an old tag number?

Old tag number, I doubt it, vin number, maybe.

Can I get a tag sticker for a deceased parent car without the title to the car?

no not if it is not in your name

What can you do if you lost your car title?

Visit you local tag office and apply for a replacement title.

Is it possible to get a tag for a salvage car?

You can register with a salvage title.

How do i Find the owner of a motorcycle without a title or tag?

Or, you can take the vin number to your DMV or PD and have them run it that way.

How do you get a tag without title application?

You cannot get a tag without title information from the application. When you purchase a car the price should include tags and titles.

Can a dealer sell a 1957 car without a vin attached?

1957 Vehicles did not have a VIN number. There is however a manufactures build tag on the vehicle somewhere.

Can you use the VIN number to find the vehicle's title?

Only if you know what state it is titled in. If you know the state, go to a tag agency in that state and give them the vin#,most states will tell you or give you a print out of the current title information.

What do you do after buying a car from a previous owner?

Get insurance, a tag and a the title in your name

How much does a used car tag and title cost in Florida?


How do you calculate tax tag and title for a new car in Oklahoma?

sales excise tax , title, tag, for 2012 Fiat 500 in Oklahoma

What does a thirty day tag or temporary tag mean?

A temporary tag or thirty day tag is the tag that is given to you by the title office or car dealer until you can get your permanent tags. You need to affix this to your car so you don't get pulled over.

How do you identify a gsr transmission?

usdm should have a vin tag, jdm does not. If GSR USDM run the vin tag.

Can you tag your car in another state with an outstanding title loan on it?

Probably not. It would require a new title to be issued.

Where is the build code tag located on a 74 corvette?

Use your vin to find out how your car was built at the site to your right

How do I get a title for a vintage car that only has a bill of sale The person only has a bill of sale the state of Ga doesn't require a 35yo car to have a title?

go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title ANSWER The Modified Notary Certificate of Default Method: VERY EFFECTIVE!

Finding year of suzuki rm125?

Look at the vin tag on the steering head tube of the frame, the year should be on the vin tag.