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Also, keep in mind that a dog will do it's business as far away from it's food and water sources as possible. I've raised 6 or 7 litters of pups in the past 10 years (all large litters of 8 or more pups each). If it was cold and I wasn't able to keep them outside when they were old enough, I always laid newspapers down everywhere in my house where the pups could roam (started doing this as soon as the pups were old enough to get around on their own). Not a pretty sight, but protected my carpets! As the pups grew, they defecated anywhere, but always on the newspaper (because that's all they could see on the floor). As they grew older, they would defecate further and further away from where they ate and slept and generally in one location (on the newspaper). As they traveled further and further away from where they ate and slept, I would take up the newspaper except for the one location where they chose to do their business 99% of the time (accidents always happen). Pretty soon, they all were defecating in only 1 place and only on the newspaper. Not much effort at all for them to learn this. Pretty soon, they were old enough to go outside on their own, and liked it, so no problem training them to go outside to do their business. Helps, too, if you have an older dog or mom/dad to help them learn. With pups, you have to take them outside EVERY time (and as soon as) they wake up, eat, etc. The more often, the better. Their bladders just aren't big enough to hold it for very long! I don't believe in rubbing their noses in it, spanking them, then taking them outside. This seems to teach them it's not OK to poo/pee (not sure they get the not-in-the-house part)! Similar to physically disciplining your dog when it comes home after getting could actually be teaching your pup that it isn't OK to come home?? Take the pad and place it outside. take the dog outside frequently to use the pad. over time remove the pad.

2008-10-08 02:04:24
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