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How do you transfer a VHS video to your PC?

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βˆ™ 2009-01-16 22:28:46

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You can do this with a video capture card. However, you need a powerfull enough computer to be able to process the real time capture of video. These cards vary in quality and I don't have much of a recommendation because my success with such devices have been limited. I am very computer savy but I could never get a decent quality picture when doing this.

I sent my tapes to a professional tape conversion service called StashSpace.Com. They transferred my VHS tapes to a portable hard drive for me. They had another option where they just hosted the videos for you in an online account so you could watch and create DVDs too.

Check out their website at or give them a call. There customer service was very helpfull. Good Luck!.

2009-01-16 22:28:46
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What is a good method to transfer VHS to DVD?

There are several good methods to transfer old VHS to DVD. You can put the VHS video onto a computer video editing program and make a DVD from there. You can also connect the VHS to a stand alone DVD recorder and transfer from there.

Can I use vhs converters to transfer movies from my old vhs tapes to my computer?

You can use VHS converters to transfer movies from your old VHS tapes to your home PC. This makes you able to get rid of your stack of VHS tapes and backup everything digitally.

Do video transfer services for VHS still exist?

There are several companies who specialise in transferring VHS footage to other media such as DVD. You may want to seek the services of companies such as The Tape Men, Video 99, Video To DVD and Memories On Video. You could also search local directories for video transfer specialists.

Where can one find information about converting VHS tapes into computer files?

VHS tapes can be converted to a Windows PC & DVD through the Video-2-PC website. But information as to how to perform this yourself can be found on YouTube under converting VHS to computer movie files.

What companies offer a video transfer service in the UK?

If you need to transfer video from a VHS tape to a DVD or CD, in the UK you can go to different websites like Video2DVDTransfers for pricing and how to send in your video to be transferred.

What year did the DVD replace the VHS?

ANSWER: VHS came before DVD's, VHS's are videos that contain film to play inside of VHS player. VHS also need to be re winded to start from the beginning. DVD's came later, DVD's are a disk that don't need to be re winded at all can have multiple language and subtitle's depending on what you want. DVD's can be played in portable DVD players Converting a VHS to a DVD requires special equipment because VHS tapes are analog and DVDs are digital. A video transfer service can perform a VHS to DVD conversion for you. At StashSpace.Com the transfer is just $6.95.

Can you use maxell cassette adapter VHS c to convert video 8 P6-120MP tapes to VHS or DVD?

NO you cannot. AS video8 is digital and VHS is analog so they dont work together. The adaptor will only work with VHS-C tapes. What I would recommend is using a video transfer service to convert your video 8 tapes into a digital format. Watch and edit the digital files on your computer or get the tapes transferred to DVDs. StashSpace.Com does a good job at this, costs $7 for the transfer to digital and $10-15 for DVDs.

Can you record video from a VHS camcorder to the computer?

No you can not record straight from a VHS camcorder in to your computer. The video that is stored on the VHS tape has to be digitized first.

How can you transfer a video camera recoreder tape to a PC?

You are reffering to VHS tapes which play in a VCR. They are analog so you need a special device to convert the tapes to digital. They sell video capture cards so you can do this yourself at home but I suggest using a video transfer service for the best quality and least amount of hassle. StashSpace.Com is a good one. Costs $6.95 per tape for the transfer. Check them out online or give them a call.

Can you play VHS tapes on the computer and if so with what system?

Three things you need to play a VHS video on a computer. 1. VHS player. 2. Video capture card. 3. video editing software. VHS player output supposed to be connected to the video capture card's input. By using the video editing software, you can play or edit the video from VHS with your computer.

Transfer mini dv to DVD can it be done?

Yes. It can be done using a video transfer programs. You just need the camera, a transfer cable hooked to your PC and of course, the video transfer program (such as AdobePremiere).

What does VHS mean to TV viewers?

VHS stands for video home system. It is a way to record video such as movies and television shows. VHS has been replaced by DVDs.

How can I transfer the audio or video files PC to mobile without wired?


What does VHS tape stand for?

VHS tape = Video Home System tape.

How do you transfer a vhs to DVD?

The easiest way to transfer a VHS to DVD would be to buy a VHS to DVD converter. You can find one anywhere where electronic devices are sold such as Best Buy, Amazon, and eBay.

How do you transfer DVD to Vhs?

Play the DVD, with the player connected to a VHS recorder, hit record.

How do you convert VHS video to a digital format?

You can convert VHS video to a digital format through a service offered at some Costco locations. Costco will convert your VHS video to digital formats such as DVD and Blu Ray.

How do you transfer video file taken by Video Zoom 2 in iPhone to a PC using iTunes?

USB file transfer to computer using iTunes File Sharing

how to convert my vhs video to digital video?

In order to convert vhs to digital video you will need several pieces of hardware, including a vhs to CD-ROM converter, S-video ports, external capture boxes, special video capture cards, among other things.

What is VHS tapes?

Video Home System, better known as VHS, is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s.

How do you transfer a DVD to a VHS system?

Play the DVD, with the player connected to a VHS recorder, hit record.

How do you connect a mobile phone to a PC with a USB cable to transfer photos and video clips from my cell phone to the PC?

just plug-in

Can you attach a VHS video rec to an LCD tv?

Yes, as long as the tv and VHS video recorder have the right connections (scart for instance).

Can I transfer only music from VHS to CD?


How can I export video from PC to camcorder?

Make sure the video is in a file format that is compatible with the camcorder. Connect the PC and camcorder with the USB connections, transfer the video to the file folder that comes up when the camcorder is connected to the computer.Ê