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How do you transfer music from cell to cell?

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2007-09-15 01:19:05

If both of the cell phones are equipped with Bluetooth, it's

fairly easy.

- Navigate to the "Connect To..." or "Connections" menu of one

of the cell phones (this can be done by going into the "Settings"

menu), and make sure Bluetooth connections are enabled. Do the same

for the second phone. Also make sure that the phones can be

detected by other devices. There is usually a setting for that as


- Now, in the same menu on one of the phones, look for something

like "Detect Bluetooth device." It will ask for a password that

will automatically be generated on the other phone, which will show

up on their screen. Put that password in and you'll be


- Finally, go to your music folder. Press the menu button and

select "Send to...." Choose the other phone in the menu that

appears. Within seconds, you'll be transferring your music. ;)



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