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The only way to do this that I have found is to simply click and drag the files from Limewire into your main I Tunes library. From there you can create your playlists as normal.

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How do you transfer songs on LimeWire from old mac to new mac?

By default, all music downloaded using LimeWire should have been transferred into a playlist labeled 'LimeWire' in your iTunes library. Simply drag and drop this playlist into a folder on your hard-drive.

How do you transfer music folder or file from LimeWire to your iTunes library?

Drag and drop the file from limewire library into your itunes library.

How do you transfer the songs that you legally downloaded on LimeWire to your ipod?

Syching your itune library to the folder where your limewire downloads are.

How do you transfer LimeWire playlist to another computer?

Copy the files into a new folder on your desktop,transfer the file onto a thumb drive.Once done, insert the thumbdrive into the other PC and simply transfer the folder.

How do you delete songs from your LimeWire library?

You have to go into your documents and into the limewire folder and delete it out of the "library or "download" folder

How do you transfer downloaded music from LimeWire to media player?

go to your documents then to the limewire folder and select the songs you want to move and copy them to your library

How can you transfer your windows music library to your zune library?

Try going to My documents and click My Music. if you have a folder labeled 'windows music' or whatever it is drag it into your Zune folder. that should do it but im not completely sure. that's just what i do to transfer my limewire music

How do you drag the songs from LimeWire to iTunes?

First you need to have i-tunes open AND Limewire. One you get the songs you want from Limewire, make a limewire playlist folder in your i-tunes. After you do that, go to your Limewire library and drag your songs onto the word "Limewire" in your i-tunes playlists on the left hand side. Your songs should appear! Hope this helps! ~M!$$ P3Y!~

How do I upload music to LimeWire?

In Limewire - In the Library -Shared Files - files and folders - To manually add a file or folder to the Library - Go to Tools/Options/Sharing then add the folder you want to share by browsing to correct path (ex - by dragging it into the Library - just drag the file or folder to the Library), it appears in this section under the "Individually Shared File" icon. To share a file or folder and add it to the Library. To unshare a file or folder, go to the LimeWire Library, then right-click the file or folder, and select "Stop Sharing File" (or Folder).

How do you put music into LimeWire?

you have to transfer the file to your 'shared music' folder

How do you get music from LimeWire to iTunes library?

under the folders your itunes gets music from add the limewire saved folder

How can you delete songs from LimeWire shared folder on iTunes that were downloaded from LimeWire?

I deleted the listing from my iTunes Limewire folder. Deleted the file from the iTunes Library, and deleted the file from the Limewire download file. Restarted iTunes - all clear.

How do you transfer limewire files to external hard drive?

Open the folder that has the downloaded files. To transfer drag the files from LimeWire onto your external hard drive

How do you transfer music files from LimeWire to folder?

LimeWire was shut down because US Courts found it violating copyright law.

How do I take saved songs in my LimeWire library and add them to a folder to put into itunes?

You can open iTunes and Limewire at he same time and drag the songs from your Limewire to the iTunes. OR You can open iTunes, select 'File' then select 'Add Folder [or File] to Library' and your computer files will pop up. You then select your Limewire 'Saved' file and there will be a pop-up showing that it is copying your files.

How do you put music from windows media player on itunes i go on itunes and click add file to playlist and nothing shows up and i got all of the songs off of LimeWire?

You actually need to do the following: Go to File- add folder to library, From the a new window will pop up with a directory, from there simply go to your Limewire music folder and add it, and all the songs should be added.

How do you transfer songs from LimeWire 5.3.6 to iTunes?

There should be a folder in your documents called "Limewire". Inside that folder is the "Saved" Folder, which is where the files should be. While you are running itunes, click file, then add file or folder, navigate to the "Saved" folder, and select the music you want to add.Alternatively you can go into the "Saved" folder, cut all the files and put them into your "Music" folder.

How to get mixtapes on my iPod?

Plug your ipod into the computer. Go to a site like download the mixtape you want and then it will transfer to a folder on your computer than open iTunes and drag and drop that folder into an iTunes playlist and then drag and drop the playlist into your iPod

Can you put LimeWire songs on a zune?

Yes, either move the songs from your limewire folder into your My Music folder, or use the Zune program to add your limewire folder to its monitored folders list. I think?

Is there a way you can get all your songs from LimeWire to go on to itunes so you can sync it to your ipod touch?

1. Go to iTunes. 2. Click File. 3. Click "Add Folder to Library" or "Add File to Library" 4. Click on the song or folder of songs that you downloaded from Limewire. 5. Click "Open".

Can anybody give me USABLE information about how to share my files on LimeWire?

you can drag any folder or file into Limewire and it will share it. Or go to tools, options, then sharing. Or go to the Library and right click on any of the left menu items and select share file or share folder. If you can't see the Library tab go to View, Show/Hide, Library.

Once the songs from LimeWire are in a shared folder on iTunes how do you get them into your iTunes library?

One member of my family uses LimeWire, another uses iTunes. The iTunes users wants to put the songs from the LimeWire user into her iPod. I searched for quite a while, but could not find a "good" answer. The closest I found was to install LimeWire onto the computer of the iTunes user, and to re-download the same songs into this freshly installed LimeWire. Then go to the music library screen within iTunes (on the same computer) and choose "Add folder to Library" from the file menu, and select the download folder that was defined during the LimeWire installation. I really do hope other readers find a better answer to this, as I do not feel that the "solution" I have found to this little problem, is satisfactoy.

How do sync LimeWire library to windows media center?

move all the files to the music folder shown when you press start

How do you transfer music folder or file from music match jukebox to itunes library?


How do you download songs to an ipod using limwire?

you need to get itunes and then copy the songs from the limewire folder or where ever you have the music into itunes library