How do you trap a garden snake?

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For one, you probably mean, Garter Snake. Some may have a checkered blotched design on the length of it's back, and olive drab colored, while some will have some stripes (ribbons) the length of it's body. Ribbon snakes are related to Garters.
Two, they generally eat frogs, snails, slugs, fish or an occasional lizard. They will strike at you when cornered but seldom do any damage. Use gloves if you have to. Never catch a snake by the body for it will have its chance to bite. Place a hat or cloth directly over its head and most of the time they'll think they've hidden. Follow the body until you find it's neck. Then you can pick it up by the neck, gently but with enough pressure that it can't get away. It will musk you. One of the biggest muskers. But, if you want it they can make easy pets. Have plenty of water to swim in and fish are cheap.
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What do you feed a wild garden snake?

mice are a basic nutrition and provide a healthy diet. Your local petshop can provide pinkys (baby mice) for your snake. if your snake is a baby, start by feeding pinky parts about once a week. Do Not Feed Live Mice!! Store in freezer. If stored in freezer for more that 30 days do not feed them it. ( Full Answer )

Where do garden snakes live?

They live in grassy areas where they can find food and some times in the woods :-):-)

Do garden snakes lay eggs?

Garter Snakes do not lay eggs . If you mean "garter snakes" then the answer is no. Garter snakes bear their young live.

What do baby garden snakes eat?

First things first. They are garter snakes not garden snakes. . They will eat small fish and insects as neonates and as they grow may move on to larger prey such as frogs or mice.

Do garden snakes bite?

Technically speaking, anything with a mouth can bite. if by garden snakes, you mean Garter Snakes, then yes, they can bite if they feel threatened. however, they are not venomous so it would be a harmless bite from teeth that feel like rough sandpaper.

How big do garden snakes get?

There is no such thing as a 'garden snake', but people do commonly use this name for garter snakes. How large they get depends on the species, but most don't exceed 3 feet in length.

What eats a garden snake?

Garden snakes have many predators that will eat them. Some of thepredators are hawks, crayfish, crows, coral snake, raccoon anddomestic dogs and cats.

What eats garden snakes?

Gareden snakes are good for your garden the feltilze the soil. But if you need to get rid of them a hawk can kill garden snakes. . Gareden snakes are good for your garden the feltilze the soil. But if you need to get rid of them a hawk can kill garden snakes. . Gareden snakes are good for your gar ( Full Answer )

Are garden snakes poisonous in Washington?


What do garden snakes do?

Garden or "Garter" snakes are basically just another link in the life cycle of the back yard. They are opportunistic eaters so they will eat what is available be it small fish, toads, even insects. They are NOT venomous and they are rarely aggressive.

How do you catch a garden snake?

I recommend making a 'snake noose' if you intend to capture it live. But prepare a home for it, if you intend to keep it. A (dry) aquarium will suffice for that. If you merely want to transport it, a simple burlap bag is sufficient. Be kind, rewind...

Are garden snakes poisonous?

They are but, their poison only causes swelling and itching in humans in the area that they have bitten you.

How do you set a snake trap?

get a long pipe with a lid on one end. put an egg into the pipe, at the far end with the lid. then put the pipe with the egg in it anywhere where the snake will go (eg. under the house). then wait. the snake will be attracted by the egg, and it will go into the pipe. once its in there, it cant tur ( Full Answer )

Do garden snakes have sharp teeth?

Garden Snakes are not really venomous and do not have very sharp fangs like other snakes do.So I would say maybe to not go looking for one because they might strike.

Can you have garden snakes as pets?

we can keep garden snake as pets but you will need to feed it with lots of flowers or meats.And pls make sure that u will set it free in any parks.It will not harm anyone as it is tamed and will find its own food,it must be tamed before u let it free.U can also send it to petshops that sells snakes. ( Full Answer )

Are garden snakes invertebrate?

The actual name of a "garden snake" is a "garter snake." And no, they are not invertebrates. All snakes have vertebrae.

What do you feed a pet gardener snake?

This can be dependant on which species of Garter Snake you aretalking about but I would recommend offering earthwoms, crickets,and pinky mice to see which your snake prefers. Feed the snake oncea week or so and provide some hiding areas, a water dish, and anundertank heat-pad (avoid heat rocks as mo ( Full Answer )

How big do gardener snakes get?

Garter snakes (to use their correct name !) grow to around 36 inches depending on the species.

What do wild garden snakes eat?

garden snakes like to eat the items in all gardens. and sometimes the insects that live in the garden plants. they arent like other snakes, most other snakes eat other animals and etc.

How often do garden snakes eat?

Garter snakes (there's no such thing as a 'garden snake') have high metabolisms, and eat every 2 to 3 days, when fed on a diet of invertebrates and fish. When fed rodents, they may eat once or twice per week, once they are adults.

How big is a garden snake?

size can vary. most sites ive seen say 4ft max but i had a female garter snake that was 4ft3in. she was very old and quite awesome! average is 2 1/2ft- 3 1/2ft. my baby garter and my adult garter are almost the same length although much diff sizes in diameter. females tend to be larger than males. w ( Full Answer )

How do you make a snake trap?

here is a way to build a snake trap you will need a 2 liter bottle, scissors, duct tape, and bait ( small frog, minnows, mouse, small lizard, insects, etc...) 1. cut the top 1/3 off the bottle 2. put the bait in the bottom 2/3 of the bottle 3. after step 2 quickly put the top 1/3 of the ( Full Answer )

What does gardener snakes eat?

they eat insects when they are smaller but sometimes grow into bigger snakes and start eatine baby mice

Do gardener snakes bite?

NO they dont even have teeth and don't be afraid to pick it up they are harmless

What is the Name of snake in garden of eden?

Satan Answer Contrary to the above, the serpent is never named. It is simply called the 'most cunning of the beasts', and is never ever equated with Satan. In fact, the early Jews did not even have an idea of a personification of evil (ie the devil, Satan, lucifer) as we do. The idea that some ( Full Answer )

Do you feed garden snakes corn?

NO ! There are no vegetarian snakes ! Additionally, there is NOsuch species as a 'Garden' snake !

Do garden snakes bite human?

It depends on the species, some will only attack if threatened, although most won't attack at all.

Is the garden snake the same as the garter snake?

There is no such species as the Garden Snake. The above answer is misleading because it refers to a common name and not a scientific or Latin name. It depends on what part of the country you lkive in and sometimes even the distinct locality. Garter snakes are commonly call garden snakes due to the f ( Full Answer )

Is the garden snake the same as a garter snake?

I was curious myself. I found the related link below. According to that, they are Garter snakes but are often called garden or gardener snakes because they are often found in gardens.

Can a garden snake kill a PERSON?

If a person had terrible luck, he could be bitten (very rare) and get an infection from the bite, then fail to have it treated, and then die. There are only 4 poisonous snakes in the US, though: the rattlesnake, water mocassin, copperhead, and coral snake.

Was the snake Satan in the garden of eden?

yeah i mean you should look in the book of Genesis in the bible about the snake he dupe Adam and eve into sin and this is the reason why sin came into the world

Why won't my garden snake eat?

Assuming you mean Garter snake ( Thamnophis ) There is no officially recognised species called a garden snake... it could be a number of reasons. Check that the temperature of the vivarium reaches a suitable range for the species. Increase (or decrease) the humidity. Vary the type of food you ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if your garden snake is a girl snakes from boy snakes?

Unless you plan on breeding them, there's no reason to, just pick a gender to call it. If you really need to know, there are several methods. The only method I would recommend without veterinary assistance is not very accurate unless you've had allot of practice, and that is to compare then length ( Full Answer )

How big is a baby garden snake?

They are about 1/2 inch long at birth. At about 2 months they are about 5 inches long. Hope this helps.

What is a garden snake body covering?

Snakes are reptiles. All reptiles have a covering of scaly skin . They do not actually have individual scales like fish do..

What happens if a garden snake bites you?

Probably nothing. However, what do you mean by 'garden snake' as there are many species that are called 'garden snakes.' All are nonvenomous so there is no danger from that. Treat the wound like any other. Wash well with soap and water, perhaps cleanse it with hydrogen peroxide. You may wish to appl ( Full Answer )

Do garden snakes eat blueberries?

Yes They Do, They Usually Eat What They Can Find Or Fit In There Mouth. :) [In Your Garden Or On The Ground Or In Your House]

Can garden snakes be black?

Assuming you mean the Garter snake (there is no officially recognised species called a garden snake) - There are various colour patterns in the garter snake family, and yes, it is possible for an all-black Garter snake to be produced.

Are garden snakes in Missouri poisonous?

No. The only venomous snakes in Missouri belong to the Pit Viper family. -Copperhead -Cottonmouth -Western Pygmy Rattlesnake -Massasauga Rattlesnake -Timber Rattlesnake

How many types of garden snakes are there?

There is no recognised species called a Garden snake ! However - if you meant Garter snake - see the related link to Wikipedia for a list of recognised species.

Is there poison in a garden snake bite?

There is no poison in the bite of a garden snake. This snake is actually known as the garter snake and is considered to be very helpful in controlling rodents and bugs in gardens.

Do snakes trap or trick their food?

Snakes either hunt prey, striking to kill when they get closeenough, or they wait, often in hiding, for the prey to come tothem, striking when the prey gets close enough.