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Im going to guess you mean How to travel with your parents and your date in middle school. It all depends on your parents, if their strict with dating, say your going out with a few friends, have your date in the car and when you reach your destination, say their all inside (this works with my parents, and only works on indoor dates). You should be able to walk in and have them pick you up later! If their not strict, tell them, they will probaly drive you both werever you want!

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Q: How do you travel with date in middle school with parents?
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Should you date in middle school?

I think you should leave that question to your parents.

Why do most parents not let their middle school girls date high school boys?

Because they are worried that older people will get them into bad stuff and they are very protective! :)

How do I go on a date without parents knowing when I am in middle school?

You don't. You are too young to be going behind your parents' backs and disobeying them. Until you have a job and can support yourself, you have to go by their rules.

Is middle school old enough to date with parental supervision?

Yes, that's fine, as long as your parents know about it, and if they give you permission of coure! from Pretty-Zebra

What does it mean to date in middle school?

hello there date means to go out with a girl.

Where is a good date place in middle school?

Movies are definitely a very good date place in middle school....ummm....I seriously can't think of any more!

Where can take a girl on a date if m in middle school?


Where to go on a date in middle school?

If it's your first date then both of you can go near somewhere .

How do you date behind your parents backs?

well you just dont tell your parents any thing and go on a date at school like go out side school and kiss or talk or something but you still should not do it

How do you make your parents let you date at 12 years old?

Unfortunately, you can't make your parents do anything. Besides in middle school, there really is no such thing as "dating". It's basically hug, hold hands, occasionally hang out outside of school. It's all images really. It's better to save it until high school.

Where to take a girl in middle school on a date?

to the movies or to have dinner at ur house

How do you go on a date in middle school?

Ask if they want to get a coffe at Dunkin Donuts.