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Check wiring on back of lights, exchange globes with someone who has same car, check fuses(they should be labelled), check voltage after the headlight switch with inexpensive multimeter. Use voltage tester with sharp probe to test voltages on the wires to see if power is getting to the lights and if not follow the wire back until you find voltage.

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Q: How do you troubleshoot a head light problem?
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Take it to AutoZone, it's free.

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troubleshoot head lamps on 1988 grand marquis? Not working...fuses OK

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I am not sure what the numbers are. What I ussually do is pull all the fuses and check them. If the problem is a head light try tracing the wire from the head light to see if there is an inline fuse. if the problem is still not found test the plug with a volt meter to see if the the plug that goes on to the head light is not shot.

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Tail light doesn't. Work with new bulb in

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Whats the problem?

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There are numerous components related to this fault. Try to locate a problem with the area in question and we will have a place to start to troubleshoot.

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please write clear so that I can understand what the problem is

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The fan motor has a short...change it.

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What kind of problem are you having?

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The Tracker could have two problems, or the sputtering could be confusing the computer and cause the air bag light to come on. Check the fuel pressure, then timing first to troubleshoot the problem.