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by taking the liner away!

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Q: How do you turn a fully concrete liner pool into a fully concrete pool with out a liner?
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Why does your pool liner turn green in spots?


Can an inground pool be saved when the vinyl liner was removed and there is a groundwater in the deepest point in the pool?

yes it can be saved. You will have to put points in the ground and rent a diaphragm pump or buy one and dewater the pool. Most instances the diaphragm pump has to run while the liner is being put in because if you turn it off and you have a high water table in ur area, any water it sucked out of ur pool will begin to fill up again.

Can you turn a round 24 foot pool into a 18 foot pool?

. I cannot think of any reason to "shrink" your pool. If however you wanted to do this, it supposed it is possible by trimming the correct amount of aluminum border and buying a new (properly sized) liner. Good day sir.

Can you get rid of bleach stain on your pool liner?

As far as I can tell, it is not structurally harmful to vinyl pool liners, but can fade their coloring. The first year I had a pool, I made the mistake of dumping 1/2 pound of calcium hypochlorite (bleach) in one spot in the pool, which caused the liner to turn from blue to white, but did not cause it to leak.

What causes a pool liner to turn white?

A vinyl liner floats because of excessive ground water. This usually happens because of extreme weather conditions such as rain or snow. A broken pipe, proximity to bodies of water i.e. creeks, ponds, and lakes are also causes of floating liners.Also if the pH value of the pool is to low (to acidic) because the acidic water will eat away the stuff in between the tiles of the pool.

How do you refill an above ground pool?

Stick a hose in it and turn the tap on. Keep an eye on it as it fills so you can pull any creases out of the liner before there is too much water pressure on it.

Will a darker pool liner cause more water evaporation?

A dark pool liner might cause a very small increase in water evaporation, but nothing significant. The dark pool liner will raise the water temp a bit which, in turn, may increase the evaporation rate. But, the evaporation rate is much more dependent upon the air temperature and humidity than on the water temp, so the increase in water temp would only have a very small effect on the overall or net water evaporation rate. Hope this helps ... yes, it will, and it could be a significant increase.

How do you replace a swimming pool liner?

A professional installer is usually the the best option to replace your liner but in a nut shell 1) Drain the water 2) Remove the skimmer, return and main drain face plates. 3) Remove the Old Liner 4) Clean and prepare the bottom and walls 5) Place the liner at or in the pool as the manufacturer specifies 6) Start to hang the liners bead in the pool track 7) Once the bead is in all around the pool and the liner is aligned turn on vacuum 8) If everything fits start to add water 9) When there is about 12 inches of water in the deep end the main drain face place can be installed 10) When there is about 12 inches of water in the shallow end the vacuum can be removed and usually the skimmer and return face plates can be installed and cut in

Can concrete turn into a liquid?

Concrete cannot turn into a liquid under normal conditions. However, concrete can behave like a liquid when it is freshly mixed and in its fluid state before hardening. Once concrete cures and hardens, it becomes a solid material that cannot revert back to a liquid state without undergoing significant changes.

How many miles for ocean liner to turn around?

4.5 miles

Why does your pool turn green now that you switched from baquacil to chlorine?

The only reason the pool would turn green would be if the Baquacil is not entirely out of the pool and it reacts with the Chlorine.

Why some element turn to black when not fully cured?

not fully cured