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on a lot of cars u can just unhook one of the battery cables for a few minutes and the light will stay out.

The check engine light is illuminated because there is a problem with one or more of the control devices on the engine. A responsible way of having this taken care of, would be to take it to a shop where they can repair the vehicle.

You can go to autozone, they will read the code for you, then then to clear it. If it keeps coming back I'd go to a garage at that point.

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Q: How do you turn off the check engine light without having your car serviced?
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How do you reset check engine light on dodge ram 1500?

A Dodge Ram will have a check engine light appear when the engine needs to be serviced. You can reset this light by following the directions in your manual or by having your mechanic do it.

Will having my ecm help with reset?

Resetting the ECM without fixing the reason why the check engine light came on will only lead to the check engine light coming back on soon.

What fuse on a 2003 Toyota rav4 controls the check engine light?

if your check engine light is on your computer is reading a default code and needs to be serviced by a mechanic there is no fuse to control the light

How do you reset the check engine light on a 1998 Chevy lumina after it has been serviced?

i unhooked the battery...(both terminals)

Why would a 2002 Tracker have its check engine light come on idle rough and then die?

Without having it checked for codes, It is impossibe to answer.

What does the check engine light mean on a 2006 Toyota sienna?

The check engine light could any number of things. It is impossible to know what the light means without having the car checked by a mechanic. The mechanic will then be able to tell what is wrong with the car.

What does check engine symbol looks like?

The check engine light has a couple of variations, but is overall similar in all vehicles. It appears as either a small engine symbol with the words 'Check Engine," or without the words (or without the symbol and only the words).You might also see:Service Engine Soon.Check.An engine with a hazard symbol on it.(See related Links for images of the Check Engine light)If your asking what the symbol is meant to look like, its an engine.

How do you turn off service engine light 2008 duramax?

That means you need to get your car serviced and when it gets serviced at the shop or where ever you bring it they will reset it until your car needs its next serviceing... (Its like a check up for a car) or just discunect it >:P

How do you reset the check engine light on an 2004 Ford F150?

Without having a scan tool, you can disconnect the battery, and let sit for apx. 10 min., then reconnect.

Is there any way to tell what the check engine light is referring to when it is on without having to hook a computer to the truck?

(YES) & it would b really easy if there was a year & model :->

Why would your 2004 Hyundai Elantra Check engine light on?

Because there is a fault in, or reported, by the monitoring system (computer) in the car and it needs to be serviced to find and or repair the problem.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2003 GMC Savana?

It is important to make sure the check engine light is not on when having a car inspected. A person can reset the check engine light by clearing the codes that are causing the light to go on.

Is there a way to check what the 'Check Engine' codes are for 1996 Mazda Millenia without having to connect to a diagnostic tool?

Hey DJ==No. Go to your local Auto Zone and they will read thm for free. GoodluckJoe

What's fully serviced scheduled?

A fully serviced schedule is a comprehensive safety check that ensures that your car delivers optimum performance after maintenance.

Is it possible to remove the catalytic converter on a 2000 Sunfire gt without having the check engine light come on?

Probably not. The o2 sensor will become very confused! FriPilot

If my oil pump stop working is your engine done?

Hard to answer. Without starting the engine, have a mechanic check it out.

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Retrieving Toyota check engine code without scanner?

Jumping the pin connector on the ECU will allow the check engine light to flash on the dash console. The check engine light will flash repeatedly and show codes.

How do you get the check engine code for a 2003 impala without a scanner?

A lot of parts stores will check it for free

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How do you get the check engine code for a 2003 Chevrolet Impala without a scanner?

I am sorry but you do not without the proper equipment.

Why won't my Engine fan turn off after shut the car off Honda pilot 2006?

This could be an indication that the engine coolant level is low. Check the fluid level when the engine is cool or take it in to get serviced. Low coolant allows air into the system and the sensor will read that the engine is hot.

How do you check 95 civic check engine light?

Connect an OBD2 scan tool which will retrieve the codes set by the ECU. If you mean how to check to see if the light is working just turn the key on without starting the engine. The check engine light will illuminate.

How do you locate the fuse for the Check Engine light for a 2001 Toyota Camry without having to buy a repair manual?

You either take it to AutoZone and they will tell you why your check engine light came on in the first place so you can fix it. Or you go to AutoZone (or another place like it) and you buy the repair manual.