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How do you turn on the parking lights on a 2002 Volkswagen beetle?


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2006-08-14 00:16:26
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The parking lights are turned on when the headlights are on and you pull out on the light switch. The parking lights cannot be turned on by themselves.

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The license plate light and connected right above the plate on a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle. To replace it just unscrew the old light and mount the new bulb.

A 2002 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo takes 91 octane gas or higher. The manufacturer's recommended octane for this car will also be listed on the inside of the gas cap.

Pull out on the headlight switch to turn on the fog lights.

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EOBD Socket is located in the lower dash panel near to the steering wheel

Between your steering wheel and your instrument panel on your steering column, you will find a small rocker switch that controls the parking lights. I can't tell you why it is there, but it does turn the parking lights off and on independent of the ignition and headlight switch.

You need special "keys" to get them out. Take it to a dealer and they will probably use there tools to take it out for free.

Should be parking/tail/dash lights on a common circuit

Pull the headlight switch out toward you. Fog lights will only engage when headlights (not just daytime running lights) are engaged.

Power steering fluid from any auto parts store will work great in a 2002 (or any) vw Beetle. Don't have to spend big money at the dealer-its the same.

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This may help.... my wife's 2000 Beetle had terrible reception and static. I purchased a longer antenna on-line and installed it (very easy on the Beetle). Problem solved.

This is caused by a flawed design is the instrument cluster of 2002 model Volkswagen Beetles. It is a common problem that can be fixed by replacing the instrument cluster with one made after 2002.

My Beetle is a 2002 it had some bad yellowing of the headlights, I tried The Headlight Solution at headlightsolution.net , the advanced headlight restoration kit worked great, it was fast, and easy. Good Luck.

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