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TTake them off and take them to a parts store that has a rotor turning machine.

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Q: How do you turn rotors on a 2002 4x4 Ford Explorer?
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Turn signal does not work on Ford Explorer?

2002 ford explorer turn signals not working

What way to you turn the oil filter to remove on a 2002 ford explorer?

To the left , counterclockwise

How do you turn off car alarm of 2002 ford explorer?

well you have to rip the hole system out

How do you change the turn signal bulb on a 2002 Ford Explorer xls?

You can change the light bulb by this method.

What would make the front end of a 2002 ford explorer shake at low speed when making a turn or hitting a small bump?

if your riding your brakes,you may have warped rotors, otherwise its something wrong with your steering and/or alignment. hope this helps : )

Where y torne on the foglights on the ford explorer limited 2002?

Turn your headlights on and then pull the headlight switch out towards you

Picture of turn signal relay on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

Looking for Picture of Turn Signal Relay for a 1998 Ford Explorer.

How do you turn fog lights on a 2002 limited explorer?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer : On the headlight switch , select automatic , park lights, or low beam headlights and pull the headlight switch out towards you to turn the fog lights on ( push the switch in again to turn the fog lights off )

How do you turn the bright lights on in my 1994 Ford Explorer?

Try pushing your turn signal lever forward , that's what I do to turn on my high beam headlights on my 1995 Ford Explorer

How do you turn fog lights on in 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The push button switch to turn on and off the fog lights is in ( the center stack of the dash , to the right of the radio )

Why don't my turn signals work on my 98 ford explorer?

There are a couple of reasons why the turn signals will not work on a 1998 Ford Explorer. The light bulbs may need replaced or a fuse has blown.

How do you turn off passenger air bags in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

I have a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT and there isn't a switch to turn off the passenger airbag like in the pick-up trucks

How do you fix a 1994 ford explorer when it is not starting when I turn the key?

Does it turn over? Does it have spark? Does it have Fuel?

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 2002 ford explorer?

Mayber in or near fuse block by driver's side firewall by the lower left side of steering column

Why don't high beams work on 2002 Ford Explorer Limited?

Usually it's a failed multi-function switch (the lever you use to operate the turn signals)

How many times do you turn a torque converter 94 ford explorer?

how install torque converter 94 explorer

What would cause the advtrac light too turn on my 2005 Ford Explorer?

what would cause the ADVTRAC OFF light to remain on on my 2005 ford explorer

How do you reset check engine light on 2002 ford explorer?

Unhook your battery, then put the key in the ignition and turn to start for 30 sec. This will restart your computer and turn the light off but it wont fix the problem.

What kind of bulb is needed for a 2006 ford explorer rear turn signal?

According to the 2006 Ford Explorer Owner Guide : Lower rear stop / tail / turn lamp , takes : ( Bulb # 4057 K )

Do you need to turn the rotors on a 99 Explorer before replacing the pads?

Depends on 2 things, Do they shake when you step on the brakes or are there grooves in your rotors? If you answer yes to either of those 2 questions I would say yes

Where is the fuse located on a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT that controls the turn signals on a trailer that is connected to the truck?

under the hood you should find a small 10A or 15A fuse. There is a separate fuse for the trailer turn signals.

What is wrong with a 2002 Ford Explorer when you turn the key and the engine will not turn over but the dash instrument panel goes haywire with lights flashing and making a chattering noise?

These could all be symptoms of a very low battery.

How do you turn the rotors on a 2002 dodge ram 1500?

You don't. Take them to a machine shop for resurfacing. They have the specialized tools for this and you do not.

Where is the turn signal flasher unit on the 2006 ford explorer?

The turn signal flasher on a 2006 Ford Explorer is under the dash on the driver's side. This vehicle has two flasher units, one for the turn signals and one for the hazard lights. They are next to each other.

What number is the turn signal fuse for 96 Eddie Bauer explorer?

The 1996 Ford Explorer owners manual shows : fuse # 22 - 10 amp - turn signals