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Could you please embellish your question a little more. For instance, are you male or female? An example of what you mean also helps. Thanks Marcy

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Q: How do you understand the other person while talking?
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Is it okay to play the computer and talk on the phone at the same time?

It is very rude because you are not giving the other person your complete and undivided attention, and if that person finds out you are playing on the computer while you are talking to the other person, the other person will be very mad because it is extremely rude to do something else while that person is talking to you. If you are bored talking to the person, make up an excuse or just don't pick it up, because it is rude to talk to someone and do something else, and they will think that you are bored with them. It is not okay.

What does it mean when a boy stares at you while he is talking to someone else?

He's distracted by what the other person is doing/wearing.

How do you tell someone to stop interrupting your conversations with other people?

You say to them in private when no one else is listening: You're my friend, and I value what you are saying, but please wait until I have finished my conversation with this other person before you start another one while I am still talking. If they don't understand that, then try it a different way, you say: Wait for me to finish talking before you say something.

How do you get a boyfriend when your 10?

Start talking to him a lot as friends and find out what you have in common wait a while and if he doesn't ask you out do what the other person said in this answer and ASK HIM OUT!!!!!

How can you check that a person with learning disabilities has understood what you have said?

ask them. people with ld arent stupid they can hear and understand you. make sure they look at you and are paying attention to you while there talking thats all.

What is a pagan talking stick?

A talking stick, as used by the Native American Indians, is a stick passed from person to person while in a meeting. Only the person who is holding the stick is allowed to speak. If there is another "talking stick", I have not encountered it.

What does it mean when a person wont talk to you over social network websites but will take to you face to face?

Sometimes it's harder to understand how a person feels while talking on social network websites because you can't see their live emotions.

Can an employer legally tell you not to talk to someone?

Yes, if that other person is a fellow employee. The reason being is that while the two of you are talking, you keep each other from getting work done.

How do you use were talking in a sentence?

(This is the past progressive tense, second person singular or any person plural)"The coach arrived while you were talking.""We were talking about the game when the coach arrived.""At the PTA meeting, they were talking about the new stores near the school."

What are the barriers of listening?

Some barriers of listening are being preoccupied with your hands or thinking about other things. Making judgments while a person is talking is another barrier to listening.

Are you at risk for HIV or hepatitis if an infected person spits while talking and it gets in your eye?


How do you use the word offering in a sentence?

Iam offering this to her. we use his while we are talking to the second person!

If one man is talking to you and the other one keeps staring at you while you are talking to him does that mean he could be jealous?

absoutley honeyyyyyyyyyyy xoxo

What are other ways of saying no?

"No" is best and easy to understand. While other ways are sometimes more pleasant, they can also lead to misunderstanding. "Not right now" can easily leave a person thinking that it may happen in an hour or a day.

What are some signs that people are not listening to you?

Huh? What did you say?Some indications that someone isn't listening:Lack of eye contactWalking awayTalking over youTrying to break in while you are talkingUsing a phoneTypingWatching televisionReadingBasically, involved in any activity at the same time

How do you get the gracedia flower in platinum?

by talking to a certain person while having an event shaymin in ur party

What does it mean when you see always see multiple shooting stars while talking to the same person?


How do you outgrow a person?

By growing up, while the other person stays the way they are?

While you are seeing someone can you see someone else?

Well If the person is totally boring, you can consider talking to other people but dont get too serious into the "friend" relationship It depends on your relationship with the person you are seeing. Define the way things are between you if you both agree to seeing other people or not - if not then no.

What does it mean when you look away while talking?

Usually it means that the person your talking to is bored so maybe you should change the subject and talk about something they like to talk about.

Can you breathe while talking?

While you are talking you are exhaling air, however, you are not able to inhale while you talk because the air that you release while talking is the medium in which your sound waves travel.

What are the steps of active listening?

# Look at the person, and suspend other things you are doing. # Listen not merely to the words, but the feeling content. # Be sincerely interested in what the other person is talking about. # Restate what the person said. # Ask clarification questions once in a while. # Be aware of your own feelings and strong opinions. # If you have to state your views, say them only after you have listened

Is it in a while crocodile or after while crocodile?

The saying starts with one person saying, "See ya later, alligator." The other person responds, "After a while, crocodile."

What does it mean if a person is constantly touching their nose while talking with you?

they prob just needed to pick their nose but was scared to!

How do you seduce a girl while messaging?

Well for starters, you could try actually calling, or maybe talking in person?