How do you ungay myself?

You don't. You can be celibate, but "ungay" yourself? There is no reason to even if you could. I admit I'm on one side of the argument, being gay myself. Wouldn't change if I could. Being straight is no picnic either. Will you have issues? Yes. Everyone does about something. Being comfortable with yourself and who you are is what's important. What other people think doesn't or shouldn't matter when it comes to something this personal. If it is a problem for someone else, that is their problem not yours. Anyone who cannot or will not accept you for who and what you are doesn't need to be in your life. There are plenty of people who don't care who you sleep with.
There is someone in your life who you can talk to face to face. I have no idea who that might be, but they are there if you look. You have to be willing to seek them out. People can surprise you.

You Should not worry about what people think of you, you are who you are and cant no one change you maybe that how god want you to. what you want is what you will become