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How do you unlock a Kingston memory card SD1GB?


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There is a small tab on the left side that you move either up or down. where,on mem card?


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Kingston is the most recomended memory card brand.

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Sandisk and Kingston are the best known makes of memory cards and memory card readers as well.

A memory card reader such as the Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader will allow you to read any format of memory card on your PC.

The Kingston Flash memory card is the best for durability and quality.

On the side, there is this little switch. Lock = Down. Unlock = Up

Sans is one of the largest memory card brands as well as Kingston.

IOGear and Kingston offer memory card readers that are powered by USB. You can also purchase memory card readers as a piece of hardware to add to your desktop.

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most of the time there is a switch on the camera card that you slide to unlock.

The code for the memory card - will be whatever YOU chose to set it ! WE cannot help you !

The kingston and sanddisk brands are most versitile.

There is a memory slot on the side of 6233. Open that, push the memory card and it will come out and to insert again push there.

You just have to press it in gently, and the memory card will pop out a bit. Just enough to pull it out.

Just split on ur memory card n throw away.

Yes it does. Whether an SDHC card is compatible with a device on which you play the audio is another story. But you can "store" audio files on an SDHC card, including the Kingston 32GB.

The Kingston card reader is good, and will read nearly all memory cards on the market.

The least expensive one I have came across was the Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash Memory Card Reader for $14.99

in the adapter u insert ur memory card in,there's a grey button that says (lock) and it has an arrow pointing down,u should unlock it and press it upwards and the memory card won't be write-protected anymore

take the memory card out of the camera and push the little yellow lock upwards to unlock it.

by refer to website

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