How do you unlock the weapons on Star Wars Battlefront elite squadron after you beaten campaign?

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Are there cheats for star wars battlefront renegade squadron?

sort of. I know one. how to get infinite credits. go to Ad Hoc or Infrastructure and play a game and give your self all the weapons you want. don't worry about the 100 credits limit go as high as you want. next turn off the WLAN switch. and you got all the weapons when you respawn. hope it helped!!! ( Full Answer )

Star Wars Battlefront 2 how to get elite mods?

Well from what you are saying I think that you are talking about the elite rifles and that stuff. Well what you do is for an exaple the rifle you need to get 12 kills (in one life) then for ps2 switch to your pistol than back to get the elite rifle. to know that you got 12 kills in one life in the c ( Full Answer )

I need Cheat codes for Star Wars Battlefront renegade squadron for psp?

Cheat: Invincibility: To unlock invincibility, press the following button sequence at the game's profile menu: Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle, Left, Right, Down. Cheat: Infinite Customization Credits: Go to Multiplayer and switch on the PSP's LAN switch. Select "Ad Hoc," then "Create," then "Rando ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars battlefront 3 the same as Star Wars elite squadron?

Well, yes and no. Star Wars Battlefront will have four incarnations, 1, 2, Rogue Squadron, and Elite Squadron. There technically is no "Battlefront 3", because Rogue Squadron and Elite Squadron are not for the major gaming consoles (as in unportable) and therefore Lucas arts does not consider them a ( Full Answer )

In Star Wars battlefront elite squadron can you make your own character?

Battlefront: Elite Squadron will be like Battlefront: Renegade Squadron in the sense that you can choose what your character wears, what weapons they have, and their species. So, yes. . from a different person: . It's goes deeper than that, you can make logos too. from Taxi04: Both of these ( Full Answer )

How do you defeat x1 on Star Wars battlefront elite squadron nds?

Get the heavy type guns then, shoot him with the rocket launcher. once you're out of rockets, use the land mnes(by pressing y). when you've used up your land mines, you should either hit him with the lightsaber, or thow the lightsaber at him, so you don't get hit by his lightsaber. once you've kille ( Full Answer )

How do you beat an X1 in Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron?

People think that you HAVE to be an engineer, but you don't. Here is how I beat him. I was a heavy, and went in. Then, when we started the battle, I took out my lightsaber, and started to attack by holding down B. When he took out his gun, I took out the chaingun, and started firing. When he took ou ( Full Answer )

In Star Wars battlefront elite squadron how do you beat your brother?

i will tell you how to beat x1 on both ds and psp ds RULE #1 DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE COMBAT the easiest way to do it this. 1. choose heavy class 2. shoot your chaingun until he starts to block it 3. when he starts to block your chaingun and starts to come toward you, use your detpacks by laying ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock body parts in Star Wars battlefront elite squadron?

you just get the medals............... my suggestion is to first go into space kill allot of aircraft on padawon difficulty. then wait until the other team gets the ion cannon and destroys your shields. then go into your spaceship and attack any crafts that come into the hanger.

What about Star Wars elite squadron?

If you meant to ask what the game "Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron" is about, it's actually a game that released for the Nintendo DS and the PSP on November 3, 2009.

Is there an invincibility cheat for Star Wars Elite Squadron?

There probley is type in cheat codes for the game on the game device then look at the extras cheat codes find the one you want copy cheat code with pen,marker,or pencil then try to enter the code if it does not work ask me i know the origanal codes of cheats of all games.

How do you get chaingun and bowcaster in star wars battlefront elite squadron psp?

To get the chain gun and the bowcaster, you have to beat the entire campaign on Jedi Master. THIS IS EXTREMELY HARD!!! It took me over 20 hours just to beat the Jedi Master campaign. Here's some advice: . Once you get the Jedi class unlocked for X2, don't be afraid to switch back to a trooper, espe ( Full Answer )

Does star wars battlefront elite squadron work on PlayStation Vita?

It will if it's the downloadable version. Correction: I paid $10 for elite squadron on the psn on my ps3, when I went to do the transfer to the vita, it wouldn't let me. So I called sony and they said it'll probably work soon because more titles are going to be released that are compatible with v ( Full Answer )

What space vechicles can you get in star wars elite squadron?

The space vehicles are as follows: Republic: V-Wing Starfighter LAAT/i Gunship Separatists: Vulture Droid Starfighter Droid Gunship Empire: TIE Fighter Imperial Landing Craft Rebellion: X-Wing Starfighter LAAT/i Gunship Heroes: Boba Fett and Jengo Fett: Slave I Obi-Wan Kenobi: Obi-Wan's Je ( Full Answer )