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most of the time there is a switch on the camera card that you slide to unlock.

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Q: How do you unlock your SD memory card on a fine pix camera?
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Why is my samsung es28 camera saying card lock?

It's probably just because your memory card is locked, you can solve it by turning off your camera and take out the memory card, then push up (or push down, depends on what memory card you use) the little switch on the side of the card, and the problem should be solved :) After that, just put the memory card back into the camera and start up as normal, and it should work fine :D

Can you only use a cannon card on your cannon camera others say memory card error?

I have a Canon Ixus 400 and have been using a 1GB Integral memory card on it for years - works absolutely fine!

How many pictures can a 1GB memory card hold with a 6.2MP camera?

Around 310 6.2MP photos will fit on a 1GB memory card on 'Super Fine (probably the default) If you change the quality of them (Normal, Fine, Super fine, TIFF etc) the number can range from under 100 to nearly 2000.

How many pictures can a 512mb memory card hold in a 6 megapix camera?

A 512 MB card can hold more than 1500 images depending on the quality of the images. Eg., If you have taken pics in macro mode or with "super fine" mode, it will occupy more space on the memory card and "fine mode" will take little less space and so it entirely depends on the quality & size of the images present on the card.

Will sending files from a corrupted memory card to a new memory card corupt the new memory card in a GameCube?

it won't corrupt the new memory card except for the corrupted files you x-fer over. so the disk space the corrupted files take up will be screwed but the rest of the memory card should be just fine.

How many pictures can a 4GB memory card hold at 10 mega pixels?

This will change depending on the quality setting and how good your camera is at compressing JPEG, but on average a 10MP photo is ~5MP on Fine Setting, so around 1500 pictures on a 4GB card.

Will a Patriot memory card work with the psp?

Patriot memory cards should work just fine with a PSP, as long as it's a Memory Stick Duo.

Do I want SanDisk Memory Card only or any brand is fine?

As long as the quality i high, any brand will do just fine.

Can the sony ericsonn w580i hold up to 8gb of memory?

No, the phone can only support up to a 2gb memory card. ANSWER Mine has a 4gb card and works fine! I want to know if an 8gb card works!

I have a Power Shot SD400 Digital Elph 5.0 Mega pixels I would like a very large SD card to hold my pictures of a trip that I will be going on What SD card should you get for your camera?

The manual for your camera should tell you what the maximum capacity SD card you can use with your camera is. If the SD card is the same physical size as the 16 GB card the camera comes with, it should be fine to use.

When you have insert memory card in mobile your mobile switch off What is reason behind that?

either your memory card is corrupted or mechanically damaged ...or your phone has some hardware fault . you can check your memory card by inserting it into some other phone or pluggiong it into a computer using a memory card reader .. if the card works fine then u get your phone checked by an authorised service center ! hope this helps you !

Final fintasy 9 won't save... It just won't. Does yours do the same?

no, mine saved fine when i played it; make sure you have a playstation 1 memory card, not a playstation 2 memory card

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