How do you upgrade the service from a 120V 100A circuit breaker to 240V 30A for appliances like ovens and dryers?

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Have an electrician wire you a proper line for the appliance. You were just kidding about the 100A, right? 10, or 20amp, not 100.
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If you plan to finish the basement of a 50 year old house do you need to upgrade the electricity from 100A service so that you can add 6 new outlets and dedicated circuits for appliances?

One thing to keep in mind when you talk of upgrading an electrical service. That is that a permit will have to be taken out, inspection made and the whole house will have to be brought up to current standards of the code. This could run into a large amount of money on a 50 year old house. Contact an ( Full Answer )

Can a 240V 15A outlet used for a washer be converted to a 240V 30A outlet for a dryer?

s for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains supplies Conversion Dangerous and NOT Recommended Ummm no. If you did try to do it, you'd have a pretty good chance of burning your house down. More Information: I want to say "no" you can't do this based on what you've told me. What mat ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if the electric service is 120V or 240V?

I think the only sure way is to put a high-impedance volt meter and measure the voltage across live and neutral. Don't forget that it's AC. You could look at the bulbs in the lighting to see if the say 120v or 240v.

How do you get 120V from a single circuit breaker box that has a 240V line coming into the box that has one black one white and one bare line?

The s given below are ONLY for USA, Canada and countries using similar 120/240 Volt, 60 Hz mains power supply systems. If the box has 3 wires at 220V you can't get 110V. The reason is you have the two hots and the ground, but not the neutral. If you pull a neutral through the conduit or re-run the ( Full Answer )

How can you run a 240V supply into your home when the circuit breaker is 120V?

for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power service. A service drop to a home is done with wire that is called triplex. This means that there are three wires twisted together that go from the service pole to the mast head on your home. This is called a three wire system. There are 2 hot le ( Full Answer )

If the service panel you have 100A service can you install a 100A circuit breaker in the original panel to feed another 100A add-on panel?

DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! According to this logic, one could chain an infinite number or sub-panels off of a single one hundred amp feed. The second law of thermodynamics prevents this. An hundred amp service is not capable of powering another hundred amp service unless you are trying ( Full Answer )

If you have 240V going to a panel can you wire two 120V breakers for a 240V appliance?

Overcurrent devices cannot be doubled up for higher voltages. You need breaker designed for 220V. While you are technically correct, you need the 220V breaker because it is designed so that you always get 220V from the two phases (as opposed to 0V from one phase) and so both "breakers," so to speak, ( Full Answer )

How should you upgrade 100A 240V service in a 4-bedroom home to put in a work shop which will have 45A 35A and 20A tools?

I would recommend at least a 200 amp service. and a subpanel in the workshop. This is not a DIY project. Contact a qualified electrician. Well, I guess it depends how many arms you have ... I can only usually run one power tool at once, so it depends on if you have help or not. You could power New ( Full Answer )

How do you change from 120V to 240V wiring on a stackable washer and dryer?

Hire an electrician to install for you a 240 line. I agree with Tim. You need a dedicated circuit for a dryer. The wiring is larger and you cannot use the 12/2 wiring that is already there. You need a home run from the dryer to the electricl panel. You need an electrican.

How can you convert a 240V clothes dryer to 120V?

You really cant do it because a 220 has a heating element in it to dry the clothes unlike gas that uses fire to dry the clothes and the 120 is to turn the drum.Your drier will keep poppin breakers which isn't good at all. Outlets and Power (110V outlets and 120V outlets are practically the same f ( Full Answer )

Can you take an existing 120V wiring in your kitchen and use it to create a 240V circuit for a wall oven where it would be prohibitively expensive to run a new cable for 240V service from the panel?

Answer . No. You will be one wire short.. Answer . If you managed to wire an extra wire, the current would also be to high and you will risk fire. Like a bread toaster coil that turns red.. Answer . Your best case scenario for the existing wiring will be 12-2. The minimum you need sor a ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the number of breakers and their amp ratings when some are 120V and some are 240V for a given main service of 100A?

Answer . add the amps from each breaker reguardless of voltage. If the total exceeds 80 amps, it means you cannot use all breakers at full amp. For example: If the total equals 90, then you will have to make sure ten amps are not being used at that time. Yes, you do have 100 amps, however it ( Full Answer )

Can you take a 240V circuit and run it into another box running 4 120V breakers off it?

Answer . Yes you can. What you cannot do, is exceed the number of amps. the feed breaker has. For example: Your 220 is rated at 60 amps. The combined amps the four 110 breakers cannot be more than eighty percent of 60 amps. You can even run a 110 as the feed, into a box, and run a 220 from t ( Full Answer )

If you have a 2 pole circuit breaker box and cannot get your 240V electric dryer to work should you place 30A on both sides of the box if you purchased a 30A receptacle that reads 125v250v?

Answer for trained people: . There is one mistake that a knowledgeable person can make, and wonder why it doesn't work. This happens in some breaker boxes if you place a skinny 240 volt breaker filling an odd location (counting down vertically) and the next even position below that. When this happ ( Full Answer )

If you have a 240V dryer and installed 30A breakers on both sides of the line reads 120 and 120 how do you get 240 and you have a receptacle that reads 30A 125250 and still does not work?

Answer . you do NOT put two 110v breakers in. you put 1 two pole breaker in. the panel is designed to give you 220v off one side OR the other side if you use a 2 pole breaker on one side or the other side.. Answer . If you look at both 120V lines on an oscilloscope you will notice that they ( Full Answer )

If a circuit breaker is a 30A 240V for a dryer and the dryer calls for a 20A do you need to change your breaker?

No, you're fine.. Answer . Breakers are mainly used to protect the wires (and people), not the appliance. The appliance should have its own overcurrent protection (a fuse usually). The 30 amp breaker will work in this case.. Answer . First off, dryer outlets are usually 30A as a standard, ( Full Answer )

How do you rewire a 120V circuit to 240V for an oven?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . The plain answer is that you can't! There is no 110 Volt application I can think of that would have a heavy enough [large gauge] wire at the point you want to convert it that would service a 220 Volt oven. Ask a licen ( Full Answer )

How do you wire an existing 240V circuit line as the feed to a new subpanel with 120V circuit breakers?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . Warning that must be heeded . Firstly, you MUST have 4 wires run to your sub-panel. If the existing feed was 3 wire (two hots and ground) you cannot get 110 Volts off it safely. If this is in an outbuilding, you may ( Full Answer )

Can you connect a dryer with a 30A cord and receptacle to a line that has a 50A circuit breaker?

Answer . Yes and no. You can't put a 30A outlet on a 50A breaker as it will be a fire hazard. You can put a 50A outlet on it safely. Then you can plug the 30A load into it, but this is unwise and can be dangerous if you don't put fuses in your pigtail adapter.\n. \nThe best solution: Go ahead ( Full Answer )

What happens if you plug a 240V electrical appliance into a 120V circuit?

Answer . At best, nothing will happen; the appliances won't run. At worst, the appliance will try to run on the lower voltage, fail to do so, and damage some of the mechanical parts.\n. \nThis is one of the reasons why a 240V appliance has a different plug than a 110V item.

Can you use 120V appliances on a 240V outlet?

Not advised . Some appliances may work, but I imagine most would either blow a fuse or just burn out. Definately not advised unless you use a transformer. With the right transformer everything should work fine.

Can you plug a 240V appliance into a 120V outlet?

No. The device will only have half the voltage it needs and will not operate properly. Follow the ratings on the device. The pin configuration of the 240 volt receptacle is different from a 120 volt pin configuration. This is a safety factor to prevent the wrong voltage being applied to the wrong ( Full Answer )

How do you upgrade a 30A outlet to a 50A outlet can I just change the outlet and upgrade the circuit breakers?

NO! . STOP! DO NOT DO THIS! More than likely the wire in the wall is only rated to carry 30 amps. Running fifty amps through it will start a fire! You MUST upgrade the wiring in the wall to upgrade the current rating of the circuit! The wire in the wall must be properly sized.. ANSWER . ( Full Answer )

Can you tap into a 240V circuit to get 120V?

Answer . On a pure 240V circuit, no. There is no neutral. On a 240/120V circuit, yes. You have the needed neutral.. Tapping 120volts off an existing 240volt branch circuit with a neutral is possible but is not a proper method. It does not comply with most electrical codes..

Average Cost of upgrading to 100A service?

Answer . It can be $600 to $1000 however this can depend on whether your existing wire is in order. Older wiring can be tricky, you may need a new ground tap, junction boxes for wiring that won't reach the new box and a new meter on the outside of the house, and if it is to be inspected it could ( Full Answer )

Can you plug a 120v appliance into a 240v outlet?

Definitely not. The plug would be the wrong type anyway, so thereis physical block to doing what is suggested, but other than thatexcess current would flow, you would hope for the fuse to blow, andif that did not happen the thing could catch fire.

What gauge of wire is needed for a 30A 240V dryer?

10 awg would be required for a 30A circuit. . As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself, on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances, always use a t ( Full Answer )

Can you use 240v appliances on a 120v outlet?

There are 110 volts going to recepticles along the walls ect. These are for lamps, vaccuum cleaners, most things besides stoves, dryers, heating and cooling(most). But the only way to use your 110 volt outlet for a 220 is to combine 2 110 volt legs to make it 220 volt. Then you neeed to make sure yo ( Full Answer )

Can you run a 240V appliance on 120V?

In general, no don't try it. The result will either bedamage (e.g. overloaded motor burnout) to the appliance or a severereduction (e.g. an electric heater giving off only 1/4th its ratedheat) in its performance.

How do you get one 240v circuit from a 120v panel?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . The proper terminology for bus bars in an electrical panel are L1,L2,N. N is for neutral and it is this wire that is grounded. The voltage measurement from the L1 to N will give you 120 volts. Also from L2 to N will give y ( Full Answer )

Why are some electrical appliances 120v and others 240v?

Power output of an appliance is the square of the voltage divided by resistance (P=E squared/R). Appliances which must produce large amounts of heat (e.g. stoves, dryers, baseboard heaters) are operated at 240 volts so that doubling the voltage will quadruple the heat produced. Since most homes are ( Full Answer )

What is a 2 pole 30A circuit breaker?

A 2 pole 30A circuit breaker is a device that is used to supply a 240 volt power source for a device that operates on 240 volts and under 30 amps of current draw

Can a 240v 50amp circuit be changed to a 120v 30amp circuit?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. Yes, a 240v 50amp circuit can be changed to a 120v 30amp circuit. The wire for the 50 amp circuit should be a #6. This is more than ample for a 30 amp circuit. Remove the two pole 60 amp breaker and replace it with a single po ( Full Answer )

What amp circuit breaker should be used for a 120v 2.5 amp appliance?

If the appliance is just to be plugged into a circuit with multiple outlets then you just need to make sure that the sum of currents for all devices on the circuit are less than the rated current. A rule of thumb is total current should be no greater than 80% of the rated current. So you might have ( Full Answer )

Considering 100A 240V service has 2 poles at 100A each is the total usable power actually 200A at 120V?

No, amperage is not additive, but a constant. Think of power as water, its always the same temperature, hot (amps). The pressure is variable (volts). The true answer is undoubtedly more complex, but you get the point. If you need to draw 200 amps you would actually need a 400 amp service because cod ( Full Answer )

Can you use a 120v appliance with a 240v supply?

It depends on what the appliance is. Some smaller appliances have a dual voltage switch which allows you to adjust the appliance to the supply voltage. Look on the manufacture's nameplate label to see what they recommend as a working voltage. There it will also tell you whether the appliance can be ( Full Answer )