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upload your picture to some free image sites (Photobucket, and then use that URL with the img tag while posting to Craigslist

E.g: --- is the URL of my image uploaded to When i post my article to craigslist i use the img tag as follows

<img src="" alt=image" title="image"

I just use to create an image gallery.


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what you do it get a camera and take a picture. then you upload it onto the net what you do it get a camera and take a picture. then you upload it onto the net

You can upload a picture onto your profile by either copying the HTML code of the picture and pasting it onto your profile, dragging the picture directly onto your profile, or right-clicking the picture, selecting "copy", and then right-clicking your profile and selecting "paste." The more pictures that you upload onto your profile, the longer it may take.

Upload it to your computer, then open it with GIMP.

why you cannot upload a picture to Facebook !! u can put it into your computer then click upload picture on Facebook then browse then choose it then you will get it on Facebook

Run GIMP. Select "open" Find the picture in your computer. Double click.

shout commands at your computer screen and hope for the best?

To upload a picture onto facebook without sharing it is not possible im verry sorry. You could upload it and then delete the "share"

do what i do save your email as a contact on your phone and send the picture to your email. then check your email and save it. go on myspace and upload the picture..i hope this helped you!!

You can upload you picture to copy the URL of your piicture then paste that URL into your channel design picture box

To upload a picture to instagram you have to go onto the app, hit the big blue button on the bottom of the screen with a camera on it. You have a few options, you can take the picture, oguys down in the left hand corner and tap the icon that is two squares to upload a picture from your photo album :) hope I helped!!

One way to do this is to right click on the picture and save it to your computer and then go to photobucket and upload it from where you stored it on your computer.

Usually your phone comes with a cord that hooks up to the computer, but if you do not have that cord you can't do this. However, if your phone has internet you can log on to Facebook/Bebo/Myspace etc and upload pictures onto there and then go onto a computer and take the picture and upload them onto your computer.

Find a trusted website &amp; upload them to your profile or any related fields. Also, you can upload them to a private FTP server (File Transfer Protocol) and of course, email them.

Let me just say that I have a goodreads and it is the best ever! To upload the picture to make it your profile picture u go to and choose the pic that u want. Then u press right click on the picture, select copy, then upload my computer, then my documents, my pictures, then right click and select paste. Once you do that, you log onto your goodreads account (if you already haven't) then go onto your profile. You'll find the browse box, then click it. go onto my pictures, then select that picture; double click on it. Close that, then go back to the browser box, click enter. Then you should have the picture as your profile picture!

You need to find the picture you want and save it to your computer, and then upload it to facebook like with any other picture.

first upload and save the pictures onto your computer when u are about to post them click the upload a picture button and from there you can retrieve your pics and post them

You may have to have a facebook account that automatically links your facebook pic to your Pandora page. :(

You can't. Not anymore. They integrated it with Facebook awhile back.

on my windows PC I go to google images, drag the image onto my desktop. Then i go to facebook, hit upload new picture, select the file from the desktop, upload it and there it is

the correct term for this is 'uploading'. to upload a hard copy picture you got to scan it. Some printers have scanners on them otherwise you will need to invest in a scanner.

Take a picture using the "Print Screen" button. Paste onto a paint window and upload on Photobucket.

Go to the My Gaia tab -&gt; Account Settings -&gt; Signature. Paste the image code in the box and you're done!

upload it onto the computer then in the folder where you have uploaded the image it should ideally say how many pictures there are on the camera

Just right click on the picture and go to "save picture as", Save it onto your computer, To put it on facebook you will have to create an album, for that, go on photos on your profile and then create album, If you don't want to create an album, then go to your status box, and click the picture icon, from there choose the directory and then the picture and upload it.

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