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It seems to me that YOU have to make that 'first move', so to speak, BUT approach the guy in a relaxed manner...tell him point-blank that you need him to be more open about how he feels. I could kind of relate to this situation because when I was in high school I was the one all of my friends went to in order to find out if some girl 'liked them'...I just told them that if they never took the chance to find things out FOR THEMSELVES that they'de lose out on alot in their lives...the worse that can happen is this guy can't tell you how he feels and HE loses out then, don't you think?

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โˆ™ 2005-10-19 18:53:30
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Q: How do you urge a guy who likes you to tell you what he truly feels when you like him back but you want him to make the first move?
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What do you do if you like your best friend and he likes you back and he has a girlfriend?

Tell him if he truly likes you he'll break up with her.

You're 13 and really like this boy what do you do?

Tell him how you truly feel. If he likes you back, you will know it by his response.

What if the boy you likes always calls you beautiful?

That probably means that he likes you. That is probably the way he feels about you, so just say thank-you and say something back.

What should you do if you like this guy and everyone says he likes you back?

Do what everyone has been waiting to happen: ask him out. If he truly likes you, then I'm positive he'll say yes.

First kiss with a boy?

if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop if its your first kiss you like him and he likes you then go to kiss him but if he pulls back then stop

What do you do if you like a boy and you think he likes you back and we do know each other very well?

if you two are very close, you can ask him how he feels about you

What do you dp if you're a 7th grade boy who likes a 8th grade girl and she might like me back but she might be in love with another 8th grade guy?

If you think she likes you ask her out. Don't be afraid of the answer she gives you. If she truly likes you she will say yes

What do you do if you likes someone?

Go For it! Show the person you actually like them! If they are flirting back then you have a chance to take the next step. But first it matters if this person likes you back.

How do you deal with someone you love and he says he loves you back but doesnt show it?

Many guys would say they love someone back and not show it, either because that's the first time someone has said they loved him, or he likes your outta appearance but not truly in love with your inner self.

What does it mean when a guy you like texts you first?

It means he likes her back.

What does it mean when a guy keeps texting you first?

He likes you. Text him back.

You like this girl but another guy likes her everyone is talking about them is it too late?

well... yes unless you are truly in love and would do anything to get him back

If you and a boy are walking and that boy likes you will he try to do something to you?

Well, he may try to say something to you. Like maybe how much he likes you, or how he feels about you. He might ask if you like him back. You never know how much that boy likes you so you never what your reply from his actions will be. ;)

What does it mean when you go out on one date and he ask you if your off on this weekend and you respond to yes and don't hear back?

You wait. if he truly likes you, you will hear back. if you don't, it wasn't meant to be. be patient and the answer will come to you.

How do you tell a guy that you like him when he likes you back but doesn't want a relationship?

just tell him and he will tell you how he feels. Just not by his friend or he will say something different

A guy you are in love with is showing all the signs he loves you back but he hasn't told you he likes you the spring dance is coming is it possible he'll ask you?

umm i think he will if he truly likes u then i bet he will, if he dosent then brake heart!

Will a shy guy ever tell the girl he likes how he feels?

He won't if he feels too shy, but if the girl knows and she likes him back, she should encourage him to talk to her.

How do you tell if the boy you like likes you back?

if a boy likes you back make shore first,and if he dose he will be talking to you alot .trust me I'm going through this right now!

Say a guy likes a girl and the girl knows that he likes her and she likes him back but she feels as if he doesnt like her because he avoids her constatnly and never talks to her...what should she do?

When the boy avoids a girl that is one sign that he likes that girl or he just might not want to be near her or in contact that is a sign that he likes you but he doesn't like to be around you every second or minute

If you know the guy that you like likes you back how do you get him to make the first move?

if he doesnt do it you do it.

The guy you like knows you like him and says he doesn't care but you know he does and you think he likes you back do you talk to him?

You might try the direct approach and ask him about how he feels about you.

Should a bi guy date a guy or girl first?

it all depends on who you feel more attracted to, in terms of people themselves. if you feel attracted towards a girl and she likes you back, then date her first. if you like another guy and he likes you back, date him first.

How do you ask out someone that you know likes you back?

First be good friends with him/her. Next take it slowly and try to look for signs that he/she likes you back. When you have enough clues, just go and propose.

I am in love i really am but the person i love will never love me back?

seee who he likes first and see wht he likes about her :) good luck also

If someone likes a boy but they don't know if he likes that person back?

umm ask the honest, its the first step to a healthy relationship