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well first you need the 999 master balls cheat and activate it then go to your items pocket and u see 493 master balls first that is the amount of balls in the np (national pokedex) then toss away 0 master ballswhile using 999 master ball and Pokemon modifier then hold r while walking in the grass and youll see arceus! depending how many master balls you toss is the way to use modifier like example you toss 1 master then hold r while in the grass when you see it 492 balls that's shaymins pokedex number so three master balls being tossed is manaphy go to YouTube for more information

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Q: How do you use Pokemon modifier?
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How do you use wild Pokemon modifier in Pokemon soulsliver?

You have to use the wild pokemon modifier codes on Action Replay.

Do you need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon platinum?

You do need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier. the Pokemon modifier uses the national pokedex numbes. you can not use the sinno pokedex.

Where do you get the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

Use an Action Replay!!!!!!!!!

Cheat for Celebi in Pokemon platinum?

use the Pokemon modifier

How do you get Rypherior with the actionReplay?

use the Pokemon modifier

Do you have to beat the game to use the Pokemon modifier?


What is Pokemon modifier?

Pokemon modifier is what lets you switch what pokemon appear in the wild. You need action replay to use it on newer games.

Pokemon modifier for Pokemon Diamond?

Don't use it. It will break your game.

What do you do with the PokΓ©mon modifier?

With the Pokemon Modifier you can find any Pokemon you want in the wild. There are different ways to use the Pokemon Modifier in different Pokemon games. You can find whatever Pokemon you want with whatever level you want in the tall grass.

AR code for legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Use the Pokemon modifier code.

How do you get the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Platinum?

If by Pokemon Modifier you mean the cheat where you can obtain any Pokemon by discarding Masterballs there is a certain code that you must have an Action Replay to use.

How do you get a mew on a pokemon game?

Get Action Replay and use the pokemon modifier code.

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