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You will need a wireless Network card installed to be able to use wireless service outside. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you have a internal WiFi card (or network card) in your laptop and you have a wireless connection from your house (or any other connection that is around) you can surf the web (it works the same way when wireless is used inside.)

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Q: How do you use a wireless laptop outside?
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Can you use your laptop as a wireless network adapter for Xbox live?

Yes, it is possible to use a laptop as a wireless bridge for xbox live.

Laptop with a wireless card from Verizon can you attach a wireless router to your laptop and use it as an access point?

No. You can not attach a router and use a standard Verizon Wireless aircard as a wireless access point. This is why they have MiFi which is essentially a wireless access point.

You decide to network your familys desktop a gaming computer and a laptop do you use wireless on all of them or a combination?

You do not have to use wireless for all of them. You can connect your desktops using cables. And use your laptop with built-in wireless adapter.

Can you use a wireless keybord on a laptop?

Yes you can

Wireless conect PC and laptop to modem at same time?

You buy a wireless router, wire the desktop and router to the modem, and use the laptop by getting a wireless card or usb wireless adapter.

Can you use a wireless Laptop mouse on a desktop?


Can you use wireless keyboard on laptop?

Yes it work

What does wireless high speed internet do?

Wireless high speed internet allows you to use your laptop without having it connected to the internet via a cable hook up. You can use your laptop anywhere in the house if you have wireless.

How do you connect a wireless cable modem to your laptop if you dont have a desktop?

You do not need to have a desktop to have internet on your laptop. All laptops have wireless adapters, use it.

What laptop mouse is recommended?

A wireless Microsoft mouse is a good mouse to use for a laptop. A wireless mouse is recommended because it is easier to use without wires getting in the way.

How do you connect laptop to laptop by wireless?

through wireless modem

What is a laptop wireless internet connection for?

A wireless Internet connection allows you to go on line with your laptop without having to be connected to the router with a cable. You can go sit outside in the garden and browse on the Internet.

Do you use a network card at home to connect wireless from your laptop?


Can you use PC and laptop with one wireless router and how?


Do you need a desktop for wireless on your laptop?

No. You need a wireless router to connect via wireless from your laptop.

How does wireless printer connect to wireless laptop?

A laptop with an inbuilt printer. A laptop with an inbuilt printer.

How do you get wireless airtime for your laptop?

how do i get wireless airtime for my laptop, can you please help

Laptop Wireless Internet?

form_title= Laptop Wireless Internet form_header= Get wireless for your laptop! How many laptops do you need the wireless connected to?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, More than 10} How often will you use the laptop?*= _ [50] What is your minimum speed requirement?*= _ [50]

What kind of keyboard can I use with my laptop?

The best keyboard to use with a laptop is the one that comes with your laptop, baring that there are a wide array of fold up or wireless keyboard.

Do you need a desktop computer to have wireless internet?

No, you can use your laptop, or PDA (compatible with your wireless network) and so on.

How do you use a wireless router to connect to your lap top?

Your laptop needs to have a wireless network card installed.

How can you put your laptop wireless?

install a wireless card on your laptop, and have wireless internet (via modem) in your home

How do you hook up a wireless laptop?

Are you trying to hookup your laptop to a wireless connection? To do this, you will need a cable modem and a wireless router. Make sure that your laptop has wireless internet enabled.

Can you tether your iPhone 4S to your laptop?

Yes, you can use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop provided it has wireless technology.

Can I take my laptop anywhere and use with wireless internet Do I have to connect anything to my computer ?

If your laptop has a wireless ethernet card then you won't need anything to connect, assuming there is an accessible wireless network in range. I have a computer with dial up internet service. I bought a laptop computer for my son. I was wondering how can I make his laptop have a wireless internet service. Thank you