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How do you use aggressive in a sentence?


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June 24, 2016 12:24AM

The word 'aggressive' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as exhibiting a readiness to attack; being forceful in getting things done; growing, developing, or spreading rapidly.

Example sentences:Joey got aggressive and punched his little sister, making her cry.

The woman was too aggressive over a pair of shoes!

The aggressive Rottweiler started to growl savagely, revealing its malicious, gleaming fangs.

The other dog was aggressive, and I didn't want my dog to get hurt.

The waiter turned aggressive when I said the I had a fly in my soup.

I do not like to be given an aggressive sales pitch when I go shopping.

She used an aggressive approach to job seeking, such as visiting suitable employers even if they had not posted openings, shaking hands and leaving her resume. He used a passive approach, such as searching the Internet and sending out letters.

She had an aggressive attitude.

If his manner is aggressive, do not accept a date with him.

This is a very aggressive virus which must be treated immediately.

He was focused and aggressive in his attempt at the record.