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How do you use an eye toy camera as a webcam?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:03:05

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yes they do work, but you need the installation disc which as far as I'm aware - nobody has

2011-09-12 23:03:05
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Can you use webcam toy on your phone?

Sorry but no you cannot use webcam toy on your phone.

How do you use Eye toy USB camera with The Sims 2?

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Can you use a webcam to play PlayStation move games?

No you must use the Playstation Eye Camera and a Move controller

Can you use the ps2 eye toy for PS3?

Yes! The camera and the mic will work.

Can you use your mobile camera as webcam?


Can you use a Camera on Skype?

You can't use a Traditional Camera. You need a Webcam!

Can you plug your camera to your computer and use it for ooVoo instead of using a webcam?

Depends if your camera support webcam mode...

Using micromax q3 as webcam?

no use mobile camera lika a webcam

Can you use a Nikon Digital Camera as a webcam?


Can you use a Kodak easy sara IS digital camera as a webcam?

You can use a Kodak easy sara IS digital camera as a webcam only if it does not have automatic closing lens.

How can you use a digatal camera as a web camera?

Webcams have been very useful especially when communicating over the internet. Try to read the digital camera's manual carefully and then check if your camera if it can be used as a webcam when plugged in to the computer. If your camera is capable of this function, look for the webcam software provided with the digital camera. If there is no webcam software provided, you can opt to use another webcam application.

How do you use the webcam on the Ipod Touch 4G?

Any ipod but only if it has a camera and a webcam app

Is there a webcam on the LG ally?

yes there is but you have to download it from the android market. and you use the webcam with your regular camera

What is full form of webcam?

Webcam simply stands for "Web camera" - a special type of camera specifically for use on the Internet. The term "netcam" would probably be more logical, but webcam it is.

How expensive is a camera to be able to Skype?

You need a Webcam to use Skype. Not a Original Camera!

Can you turn a canon powershot sx210 is in to a webcam and how?

The manual does not describe any way to use the camera as a webcam.

How do you use your iPhone camera as a webcam on ooVoo?

um... i hopee

Can you upload a picture from a camera on to your xbox360 and use it as a gamer picture?

Im not sure if you can do that with a camera, but there is a camera that Microsoft made for the 360 kind of like eye toy on the ps2 where you can take pics on that and use em as gamer pics

What is a webcam what it is use for?

camera on computer that can post images or videos on the internet

How do you use a MacBook webcam?

The built in iSight camera can be used by applications such as Photo Booth for taking pictures and videos, iChat can use the camera for video chatting with friends and family, or iMovie will record video from the camera directly into iMovie for editing. These can be found in the Mac's Applications folder. To use the iSight, or an external camera, as a webcam requires webcam software such as EvoCam. (See links below)

How do you use the front camera in samsung GT 5620 as webcam in PC?


Can you use your gopro camera as a webcam?

Yes you can. If you purchase a "Live Gamer Portable" from Avermedia you can connect it to your GoPro via HDMI and then use your GoPro as a webcam with your computer

How do you use the camera on a HP mini?

To use the camera you need software too use it. If you search your computer you will probably find some crapware webcam photo taker. If not download some webcam software that can take pictures, like Google's Picassa.

Can you use the girl tech styling studio camera as a webcam?

yes,install the drivers from the disc and then go to the program you wish to use. it will appear as "USB 2.0 webcam"

How do i make my webcam work on my laptop?

right click use settings and click the camera