How do you use consummate?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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It should be easy to annul a marriage if the couple did not consummate it

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Q: How do you use consummate?
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How do use consummate in a sentence?

He refused to consummate his arranged marriage on the grounds that he was a homosexual.

Does consummate have a negative connotation?

No. In a sentence like "He was a consummate gentleman" it means he was a perfect gentleman. As a verb, when saying "We will consummate the deal tomorrow" it has no connotation.

What is a sentence for consummate?

(as an adjective) Like all sociopaths, she is a consummate liar and manipulator. (as a verb) Maybe you should wait until marriage to consummate your relationship .

What do Christians do after the wedding?


What is consummate?

intimacy, commitment, and passion.

What do Christians do after the wedding ceremony?


How do you use consummation in a sentence?

the teacher asked , what is the meaning for the word consummation? i didnt answered cause i didnt know its meaning xD hahha lol xD man consummated means perfect. Chases are never consummated, u never know where the thief may go.

Which word does not generally have a negative connotation - notorious consummate or inveterate?

Consummate is seldom negative. Inveterate may be but is not always. Notorious is universally negative.

What is A consummate master of musical technique?


What is consummate love?

intimacy, commitment, and passion.

What is the root word of consummate?

The root word of consummate is "consummātus," which is the past participle of the Latin word consummāre, meaning to bring to completion or perfect.

What is a consummate master of musical technique called?