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It is very easy to use internet phone service. You purchase the internet phone service you want. And it should come with a usb connection wich plugs into one of the many usb ports on your computer and then you download the software and follow all prompts.

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I don't have a home phone line, can I still use your service for fast internet?

Internet phone service is cheaper but it requires a good internet connection in order for it to be of good quality. If your internet service is reliable then getting internet phone service may be worth it.

The quality of your internet connection is the biggest factor in the quality of VOIP phone service. If you have good internet you'll likely have good phone service. Bad internet connections will give you poor VOIP service.

You can shop on the internet for phone service.

No local phone service comes by phone. You could use something like skype.

Vonage is a voice over IP phone service. They do offer internet server. The reason they do not offer internet service is because an internet service is required to use Vonage.

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If your phone is capable of connecting to your router, then the answer is yes. You can use it to get free internet on your phone. You just need make sure that your phone gets internet through wireless internet not from phone service provider (Verizon and so on).

Internet phone service is very reliable. The leading provider of internet phone service in America is AT&T. It is not expensive and has very good connection.

Yes. You'll have to get an internet service with your plan in order to use that phone.

cheapest internet/phone service for LaCrosse WI

There are companies that will offer service without a dedicated phone line. Qwest offers internet service via a phone line but you don't actually have to have a phone service to get the internet. i want a wireless high speed internet

There are many services which provide internet phone. Most internet companies now carry this service. AT&T and Verizon both offer internet phone service. Other companies include Axvoice and Broadvoice. Another popular internet phone service is the Magic Jack.

You can use free skype to skype service.

I need a phone number for Wireless Internet Service Providers

Having internet phone service means that you can make phone calls using your internet connection instead of a regular phone service. The benefits of internet phone service are cheaper long distance and international calling, one low monthly fee, and no unexplained taxes or regulatory fees.

There is usually no need to have a landline phone to obtain internet service. Any internet service provider in your area can discuss wireless or cable internet with you.

Here are the two main reasons to use Internet phone service providers or VoIP providers:1: If you use VoIP services then you can access them from anywhere anytime.2: Those services are cheap, affordable, flexible and reliable in comparison of traditional phone systemSo if you are looking for such services choose Cebod Telecom

No you can not use dial up on a cell phone. All cell phone providers offer their own internet service that can be included in your plan.

If you are talking about using your Sprint mobile phone service to access the internet on your computer the answer depends on your service plan and your cell phone. If you have the right phone and service it is possible to tether your phone to your PC in order to acess the internet. The best way to find out if you can do it with your phone, plan and computer is to check with your local Sprint store or go to

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Nope, it can be stand alone. or you can connect it to WIFI for internet use and for other applications. But you dont need a phone service for one

Internet phone service is the same as your landline except that calls are routed thru the internet and not phone lines. It allows you to make more phone calls, including, long distance for cheaper.

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