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if somebody trys to attack you you stick up forself and ppunch kick the other person that's how you use it

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How do you use the word self defence in a sentence?

I am taking self defence classes at the moment.

How long can a cardinal fly?

self defence number 1 self defence number 2 self defence number 3 self defence number 4 self defence number 5 self defence number 6 self defence number 7 self defence number 8 self defence number 9 self defence number 10

When do insects who have poison use it?

for self defence

What does a kangaroo use its hind legs for?

For hopping and to use self defence

Can you use a chain for self defence?

yes, nearly anything can be used for self defense

Is pepper spray legal to use in Greece for self defence?


Why did the Chinese use Kung Fu?

For self-defence or military training.

Do you use guns for self defence?

Only if they have a weapon in which you threaten them first.

Can anyone tell me what the Irish translations for 'life-support' and 'self-defence' are?

"Self-defence" is "Féinchosaint" in Irish.

Why we shouldint have hand gun?

its ok to have a hand gun but first you need to get the licence to use this as a self defence for our self .

When was Jilin Self-Defence Army created?

Jilin Self-Defence Army was created in 1932.

What has the author Pat Butler written?

Pat Butler has written: 'Self-defence for Women' 'Advanced judo and self-defence' -- subject(s): Jiu-jitsu 'Your book of self-defence' -- subject(s): Self-defense

Do echidnas have poison in their spikes?

Yes they do have poison in their spikes but they only use it for self defence

Is it right for a person to use a gun in self-defence?

If you have a gun in a self-defence position. You shuld not shoot the persone. Just use the gun to scare him. Or you will be the one to be akused for murdering.

Can dance be used as self-defence?

nope that wood be stupid

Which game is called the noble art of self-defence?


When was Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland created?

Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland was created on 1992-01-10.

Why is self defence important?

Self control and self confidence are more important.

Is it legal to stab anybody below the waist in turkey in self defence?

If you can prove that it was self-defence and didn't break any laws concerning the possession and use of the knife, yes. However if they die, you could be tried for manslaughter.

Is origami a form of Japanese self-defence?

yes it is

What is the stinger on a stingray for?

self defence

Why do felines hiss?

Self defence.

Who invented the first boomerang?

In late 180BC , Ancestors use this in killing animals for their food and for self defence

Do deer use self-defence?

Deer are built for speed. When attacked, they prefer to flee. However, moose do have a tendency to attack domestic dogs, thinking the dog will attack them.

How is martial arts useful?

self defence