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How do you use the azure flute in Pokemon diamond?

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Go to the floor where Dialga/Palkia could be caught. Near the entrance, you would see a Flute figure. Go directly to it and press "A"

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Q: How do you use the azure flute in Pokemon diamond?
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How can you get the azure flure on Pokemon diamond with out action replay?

you have to get the mistery gift and use it to get the azure flute

How do you get the azure to work in spear pillar in diamond?

you can not get the azure flute in pokemon diamond, pearl or platinum unless you use cheats like action replay

How do you get the azure flute in Pokemon SoulSilver?

to get the azure flute you have to you use a cheating device to get it because i don't know You can't get the azure flute in Pokemon soulsilver.

In Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon does the azureflute attract?

The Azure Flute is an event item used to obtain Arceus. In Diamond, you must go to the Spear Pillar (where you battled Dialga) and use the Azure Flute. A stairway will appear- climb the stairs to battle Arceus.

Where do you use the azure flute on pokemon platinum?

You use the Azure Flute in Spear Pillar within Mt. Coronet.

What flute do you use in Pokemon platinum to catch arceus?

the flute is the azure flute

How do you get te azura flute before beating the Pokemon league?

You cannot obtain the Azure Flute in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum without the use of an Action Replay.

How do you get arsceus on Pokemon diamond?

To get Arceus on Pokémon Diamond use the Azure Flute to summon the Pokémon. The flute has to be played at the summit of Mount Coronet.

How do you get to the hall of oragen in Pokemon diamond?

You have to cheat or go to an event to get an Azure Flute. Then use the Azure Flute at Spear Pilliar and a stairway of glass will appear to lead up to the Hall of Origin and Arceus.

How do you get azure flut in Pokemon platnium?

You currently can not get the azure flute. The azure flute can be received from a Nintendo WiFi event, you can get it from a friend, or you can use an Action Replay to cheat for the flute.

When do you use the azure flute in Pokemon heartgold?


How do you get the azure flute in diamond without cheats?

you go to the place and then use dive and thenn go to the spot that youget the flute and you use fly, then surf, then lightening superstriker30000000000000 and then you have the azure flute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which legendary Pokemon has the azure flute?

You use the Azure Flute to catch Arceus at the top of Mt. Coronet at the Hall of Origin.

How get Arceus on diamond?

Use the azure flute and go to spear pillar

Do you have to use the mystery gift to get the azure flute?

to get the Pokemon arcuse

How do you use Azure Flute in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to spear pillar where you find Dialga and use it there. A stairway will appear and go up it and you will find arceus

How can you get arcues in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get arcues in Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum you can use action replay or get it by azure flute to get azure flute get mystery gift and you might get items for shaymin darkrai and arceus or u can get it by action replay to catch arcues go to spear pillar and use azure flute and u willl see some stairs go up and go to him and battle which pokeball i bet it is master ball or make his hp low and use ultra ball

Can you use the blue flute to get arceus?

Unfortunately no you cant because it is an event Pokemon and you have to use the azure flute

Pokemon SoulSilver ar codes azure flute?

There in no azure flute in soul silver i have it and use the all key items code let alone there is no spear pillar to use it at 00cats10 says: So basically, what he's saying, is that you have to get the code for the Azure Flute for diamond, pearl, or Platinum, then transfer it over to SS or HG. But, yeah, he's right. There is no Azure Flute code for Soul Silver. Sorry dude.

How do you get the azure flute in Pokemon Diamond without an event?

You'll need to use the Action Replay, as for it is your only last choice. Note: The event for the Azure Flute has passed for quite a few years so it wouldn't be obtainable anyway.

How do you get the azure flute in Pokemon dimond?

The Azure flute was obtainable through a wifi event. You can no longer get it unless you get it from a friend or use a cheating Device.

Can you use the Azure Flute somewhere in Pokemon SoulSilver?

No but I do believe you can use on Platinum,Diamond and Pearl at Sky Pillar but it will not work if you have 5 or more cheats on your game.

In Pokemon diamond were can you find Arceus?

You will need an azure flute though. Go to Mt. Cornet top where you see dialga and use the azure flute right at the entrence and stairs will appear. Go up them and walk forward and you will see arceus.

How do use the azure flute on Pokemon diamondpearl?

You don't. You need to wait for Pokemon Platinum

How do you make the staircase appear for the azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

Use it.