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This is impossible using built-in system commands. You could do it with a simple bit of software.....

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What does polyphonic mean?

Polyphonic means many sounds intertwining or interweaving.

What does the term polyphonic mean?

Producing many sounds simultaneously

Does polyphonic means many sounds?

In music, a piece which has interweaving melodic lines (lots of tunes weaving in and around each other) is said to show polyphony, or be polyphonic. Essentially, polyphonic is just another word for counterpoint.

What is the definition of polyphonic?

Having a multiplicity of sounds., Characterized by polyphony; as, Assyrian polyphonic characters., Consisting of several tone series, or melodic parts, progressing simultaneously according to the laws of counterpoint; contrapuntal; as, a polyphonic composition; -- opposed to homophonic, or monodic.

Can I change the ringer on this phone?

Yes, this phone has 3 Polyphonic sounds, 4 MIDI sounds, 10 melodies for ringers. You should be able to enjoy many different sounds with this phone

How do you download from given URL?

When you attempt to download form given URL you must first go in to the program "Command" to do this go into your start menu and type "Command" hit the program titled "Command" NOT "Command Prompt" or "CMD". After you go there, it will be black and white and look really weird. Type "Shutdown /s" without quotes of course. This will tell if the given URL can be downloaded from. I admit the command sounds weird but what it does is shutdown the Server disconnecter cable which is what the S stands for. After you type this command in, you can just cut and paste. Enjoy!

How do people do polyphonic singing?

It's done by reshaping your Larynx, Pharynx, and Mouth to change how the end result sounds. You essentally amplify specific frequencies in the overtones of your voice.

Could not start the server service error 126 nothing works to start it any ideas thanks?

It sounds as though your machine has some basic corrupt Windows files, to resolve try both the following: 1) Open your command prompt (Start > Run > 'cmd'). a) Insert your Windows XP installation CD and type the following command: 'sfc /scannow' b) (The command prompt should still be present from entering the previous command) Type the following (slightly different approach). 'expand D:\i386 \srvsvc.dl_ &systemroot&\system32\srvsvc.dll' (remember to change 'D:' according to whichever drive has your WinXP CD present. Hope this helps!

Why are there Vowel sounds in the alphabet?

Vowel sounds connect and express the more numerous consonant sounds (which are the more specially shaped sounds) to create words. Vowel sounds are the oldest language sounds.

What are soundscapes?

it is when people make sounds to create a storyor to create a picture in ur mind

Anyone know where you can find a MP3 to MIDI converter online or an application for mac?

Mp3 to MIDI is impossible. MIDI is only capable of polyphonic sounds. Mp3 is a sound wave file.

How do you turn off theme sounds in Windows 7?

R-Click on the white speaker in the Task Bar L-Click on "Sounds" In the "Sound Scheme:" drop-down listbox, select "No Sounds" L-Click "Apply" command button L-Click "Ok" command button

How do animals create different sounds?

Thats like saying how do we humans make diffrent sounds if you think about it how do you make diffrent sounds? and thats your answer!

How do musical instrument create sounds?

By compressing molecules in the air.

What is a rhyme?

Repetition of sounds to create a certain effect.Example: Breasts rhymes with vestsSomething that has similar sounds.

WHich string instrument can create the largest variety of sounds?

The harp has the broadest range of sounds of any string instruments.

Sounds used to urge horses on?

You can click your tongue or use a voice command like "walk on".

Which composer believed that all sounds create music even sounds previously classified as nonmusical noises?

Edgar Varese

What can people do to create sounds?

Anything that creates vibrations in solids and fluids.

Craft of putting together sounds to create a musical work?


What are the different majors and minors in music?

Major are the happy sounds. Minors are the sad sounds. They're used to create different atmospheres.

What does consonance mean in a poem?

Repetition of internal, not initial, consonant sounds. In "egregious self-aggrandizement," the g sounds create consonance.

Do short wavelengths create high pitch sounds?

Yes. Likewise, longer wavelengths also produce lower pitched sounds.

What countries have changed from a command economy to free enterprise system?

Sounds like Mrs Lambs class

The thing that makes a sound is called the what of the sound?

Sounds waves create sound.