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Dont bother answering, I found out how to myself...for those of you who need this answered... Start -> control panel -> Sounds, Speech, and audio devices -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> voice -> voice playback ->

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Q: How do you use the mic on a USB headset but have the normal sound come out of the normal computer speakers?
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How do I make my computer's sound go through the speakers but still use a headset microphone The speaker in my headset broke?

only plug in the microphone plug into your computer while still plugging in the speakers.

What do computer speakers do?

Computer speakers allow you to hear the sound coming from the computer.

Why cant you hear sound out of your computer?

It doesn't have speakers built into. If your computer does then maybe the speakers are shot.

What is the component in your computer that puts out sound?

Sound is processed in the sound card of the computer. It then sends signals to the speakers. The speakers vibrate and make the actual sounds that you hear.

Will I need a new sound card for my computer if I am getting a new headset?

If your computer has a sound card there is no need to purchase a new one.

What is the purpose of speakers?

Computer speakers are used to hear sound waves coming from the computer such as vidoes and games.

What does your computer's sound card do?

Your computer's sound card controls the sound coming out of your speakers. When your sound card is damaged, your sound will be distorted.

How does the output speakers and headphones work?

sound travels from the computer to the speakers where sound waves pick up and the sound gets played

Are expensive computer speakers going to sound better than sheap ones if my computer sound card is old and cheap?

Upgrading your computer speakers will also a greater range of sound to be broadcast, so in most cases, new speakers would give you an increase in sound quality.

What is the purpose of computer speakers?

The purpose is to either listen to audio on a computer without built in speakers or to boost sound

Which brand of computer speakers has the best sound?

Altec Lansing is a good well known maker of computer speakers.

What does a computer speaker do?

speakers is sound which is actually data

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