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How do you verify if Confederate currency is authentic?

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You can examine it closely for wording like "FACSIMILE" or "REPLICA" ... some copies were marked this way. Otherwise, have it examined by an expert. Check out the following website for coin shows in your area, where you can take the currency and have it appraised for free :

2006-09-08 19:11:34
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Q: How do you verify if Confederate currency is authentic?
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Who was the only Confederate soldier to be pictured on Confederate currency?


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How much is a unique replica of the original currency worth for republic of Texas currency?

how.much is the confederate currency set a worth?

Who was the only confederate soldier to be pictured on confederacy currency?

There was no confederate soldier ever pictured on confederacy currency. General George Washington was featured on one of the bank notes that was in circulation.

Did the confederate gov print 1000 dollar currency?


How did the confederate raise money to finance the civil war?

Printed more Confederate dollars, and the currency became worthless.

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Scientists took DNA samples from the remains of the Romanov family and compared them to DNA samples from known living relatives to know they were authentic.

Where to sell the 1861t confederate half dollar?

The piece is not authentic, but a coin dealer may be interested in it.

What is the value of 1862 confederate penny?

All authentic Confederate Cents are date 1861 with values of more than $100,000.00 Many replicas have been made.

What is the value of a confederate one dollar bill?

You need to have it checked to see if it's genuine. Confederate currency was widely copied and counterfeited.

How can I tell a real Coach handbag from a knock-off?

You can contact coach with the serial number from your bag to verify it is authentic.

What nicknames does Chris Hamrick go by?

Chris Hamrick goes by Confederate Currency.

How do you tell if a confederate penny is real?

You don't give a date with the question, but it doesn't matter. All the authentic Confederate coins are well accounted for. Many copies and replicas exist.

Did the Confederate States of America have their own currency?

While they did not have a completely different currency, like Dollars and Euro's, the confederate states did have slight differences on their notes, and so was worth a different amount depending on what store they were in. The different stores had different worths for the other sides currency than their own, so the Federal money was worth a different amount in the Confederate store, and vice verca.

Did the CSA have their own currency?

Yes. You can still buy Confederate money at coin shows.

What does olwbristol mean on a 1861 seated liberty confederate half dollar?

The L.W.Bristol Classics is a known maker of Confederate coin reproductions. There are only 4 authentic 1861 Liberty Seated half dollars with the Confederate reverse. This piece has no numismatic collectible value.

What were three advances that the confederates had?

They had slaves to plant crops for them They had Confederate Currency and had leaders that fought better

What was the currency in 1820 in the new world before the civil war?

ANSWER:During the 1820's the government of the United States printed currency, as it does today. It was good, and was accepted in every state.But, with the American Civil War, the United State continued to print currency, but, the Confederate States of America decided to print their own currency. This being the fact, that they were no longer part of the Union.However, over a period of time, the Confederate currency would not be worth the paper it was printed on, and United States currency would be hard to come by in the South.

How do you verify a Himalayan rock salt lamp is an authentic one from Pakistan?

The rock salt from Pakistan is frequently pink; but believe me, it is a problem without any importance.

Why was confederate money made in the US?

Confederate money was made in the Confederate States of America---not the US. The southern states seceded from the Union and formed their own country. Every country produces their own currency so people can buy and sale in the market.

Why did confederate currency experience inflation-?

Many people doubted the value of paper money and raised the prix of goods

Which historian group was affected by lack of a uniform and stable currency?

The Confederate army during the Civil War did not initially have a standard uniform. The Confederacy also suffered from a lack of stable currency.

What does a genuine 1776 continental currency coin look like?

Authentic examples of the 1776 Continental Currency dollar are very rare, 7 different varieties are known. To find a picture of a real one, use the search box on your browser and type in 1776 Continental Dollar and click on images. This should bring up pictures of authentic examples.

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OSHA certification is assumed to be authentic. If there is any doubt, OSHA should be contacted. Tampering with government certification of any kind is a felony.