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How do you wear make up?

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Depends on how do you want to be looked on.

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Why do emos wear make up?

Yes they wear black make up!

Can pentecostal women wear make up?

Many Pentecostal women wear make up; only the very conservative Pentecostals do not wear make up.

How do you tell your mom you want to wear make-up?

Mom I want to wear make-up!!!!

Does joejonas wear make -up?

Yes believe it or not the Jonas brothers do wear make-up. All celebs wear it!! <3 smalltowngirl

Who should you wear your make up?

You have to wear make-up becausee it makes you look better and smexxiee x Make-up is to enhance your features and not to cover them up so you should wear make-up if you like it but not too much.

Is it a sin for the pentecostal to wear make-up?

It is not a sin to wear make-up, as long as it is done within reason.

Do goths always have to wear make up?

no, goth do not ALWAYS HAVE TO WEAR MAKE UP but most goths do

How many people wear make up?

80% of people within the uk wear mnake - up and its 20% of the people who don't wear make - up researched proven.

Why do were make-up?

usually people wear make up to hide flaws!

When you make up a missed day is it spelled makeup or make up?

you wear makeup you do make-up

Can boys wear make up?

There are some types of make up boys can wear, especially boy bands and celebrities, however, most boys don't wear it.

Do you need training to wear make up?

You do not need training to wear make up. However, it can be helpful to get training in order to do it right.

Why do women wear make-up?

To make themselves more attractive.

Does Raven Handrich wear make-up?

It looks like he might wear eyeliner

Can girls wear boys underwear?

If guys can wear make-up then why not?

Did slaves wear make-up in ancient Egypt?

no they did not wear it

Should a ten year old wear make-up?

i wear make-up in the house wen nobody is in or if there is a boy i really like xx

Why do ugly people wear make up as a false sense of beauty?

This really just depends on what you define as beauty. Why should people you consider to be ugly not have the right to wear make up? Why do women wear make up at all? Does make up define beauty? But this should be a answer, not even more questions. "Ugly" people wear make up because the majority of women do. And women need to wear make up because of superficial persons like you. You really should over-think your views.

Did roman men wear make-up?

yes some of them wore make up

Does Sterling Knight Wear Makeup?

yes all actors have to wear make up but with or without make up sterling is extremely Hot

Why do Goths wear scary makeup?

Goths wear make-up. YOU perceive it as scary. The question should be "why are you scared of Goth make-up?"

How do I get my skin to look like Beyonce?

QYou can never get your skin to look like beyonce's because she wear lots of make- up, so the only way would be to wear make- up! QYou can never get your skin to look like beyonce's because she wear lots of make- up, so the only way would be to wear make- up!

Are Sikhs allowed to wear make up?

Amritdhari (baptised) Sikhs should not wear make-up. Sikhi teaches that the true make-up is remembering God. Physical appearances are unimportant.

Why do women wear make up?

To make them look pretty

Why do people wear make-up?

people wear make-up mainly because it makes them look good and if they look good they often feel it as well.