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you act like your self be youself and be true to yourself if he likes you, he likes you but if not, don't try to change yourself for a guy/girl if you change one thing about yourself and that one thing leads to another and all of a sudden you don't know yourself anymore you've changed so much to impress someone that you don't recognize yourself any more. have confidence in your self and you can have the world and everything in it that you desire. Remember that there are more important things in life that guys/girls. If you just focus on that then waht are you left with if the relationship fails. Think about it

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โˆ™ 2005-09-30 20:43:22
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Q: How do you win the affections of a crush that already knows you like them?
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What do you if you crush knows that you like her?

If she already knows then find out if she likes you back. The worse that can happen is her saying no.

You want to ask your crush out but how do you do it?

Just do it. sometimes a direct approach is best. most likely he already knows you like him.

Should I give up if my crush likes my friend when he already knows I like him?

Yes, you should give up if your crush likes your friend. You'll eventually have a crush on someone who feels the same

What do you do when your crush knows you like him?

if your crush knows you like them AND they like you back then you can gradually talk about dating them. if they have said they dont like you back then dont bring it up again

What to do when your crush knows you like him and how to act around him?

when he or she knows just be yourself

What does it mean when your crush already knows you like them and looks at you often but doesn't do anything about it?

It is unclear what it could mean as there is no way to know what your crush is thinking. The best thing to do would to just ask.

How can you tell if your crush knows you like them?

your crush knows you like them cuz you might act weird in front of them or as some people say the more you anoy them the more you like them

Is your crush still a crush even though it is already 6 years?

If you still like them its a crush but if you don't it isn't

My foster carer Tony knows I have crush on him why do he say I was acting like he is my boyfriend?

Because he knows you have a crush on him, and you probably show it more than you realize.

What do you do when your crush who knows you like him stares at you?

He/She is curious about you or he/she likes you back!

What should i do now that my crush knows i like him?

You should go tell him that you like him

What if your crush knows you like them?

The world might end. No, but seriously why not just talk to the person? Who knows maybe they like you too.

This guy stares at me he is my crush but he says he doesn't like me why?

probably because he knows you like him

Do she have a crush on rayray?

Aw snap son! She dont like Rayray, she knows Rayray betta be not gettin into no relationship again. Rayray already have a baby momma. And dat the truth!

How can you tell if your crush like you when he all ready knows you like him but you don't talk to him?

Basically you want to find out if your crush likes you? Well there is always the go up and ask him but Im sure boys and girls that you dont want to do this so you can just start of slow talking to him such as bump in to him in the hall than say ohh Im sorry. Than talk to him as if your best friends! I did that and it worked great! But if your crush already knows you like him and he likes you than he would of already told you how he feels. If I didnt help please e-mail me at

Your crush knows you like him since your friend told him and your crush's friend asks you if you like your crush and he says your crush asked him to ask you does your crush like you?

Okay, I think I followed this; yes, if your crush's friend is asking you if you like your crush. YOUR CRUSH IS DESPERATE! otherwise he/she would probably try to keep cool and find out themself. I think this means your crush likes you.

Why is your friend talking to your crush and she knows you like him?

Because she wants to make you jealous. And she is into him

Is it bad to kiss your crush?

No. If you kiss your crush, and if he/she likes it, then you can become boyfriend/girlfriend. It is a good way to tell your crush you like him/her if he/she doesn't already know.

Why would your crush flirt with you if he says he doent like you and he knows you like him?

Either to tease you, or because he secretly does like you.

What does it mean when your crush knows you like them but then they barely talk you?

Maybe your crush might like you back, but don't know what to say, or they might not like you and are avoiding you, or might be uncomfortable talking to you knowing you like them.

If your guy friend likes you and he knows who you like and he is friends with your crush who is younger and he says your crush doesn't like you is he just saying that to make me mad and go to him?

Most likely

How do you get a girl who knows you had a crush on her?

You send her a note that you like her and talk to her see if she go on a date with you

How do you act around a girl who knows that you have a crush on her if she PROBABLY dislikes you?

act like your not bothered by it.

How do you ask out a crush who knows you like her?

take her gently by the hand and ask her when your alone with her <3

What do need to do when you have a crush?

You talk to your crush not making it obvious you like him/her if you do or if he/she knows. Just talk to them as if they are one of your friends and don't make things akward.......