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According to the directions.....pkazsr

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Q: How do you wire a single phase 240V tanning bed?
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Can you connect a 3 wire 240V motor to a 2 wire 240 single phase?


How can you get 240V single-phase power from a 240V 3-phase service Can you just connect to two poles of the 240V 3-phase service?

If the 240V 3-phase service is 240V phase-to-phase, then you can get 240V single-phase by simply picking two phases (poles, as used in the question) and connecting the load across them. This is simply one third of a standard delta connection. If you need 120V/240V split phase, i.e. with a neutral, as used in residential services, you will need a transformer. If the service is actually a four wire "quadraplex" service, however, you will probably already have that 120V/240V with neutral connection phase available. In this case, you will need to pick the two phases correctly in order to get the proper 120V service half.

How many volts is there in a single phase?

The number of Volts in a residential service drop in the US is either 120V 2 Wire, 120V-208V Network, or 120-240V 3 Wire. A 120-208V Network service is not single phase, but its 120V portion is.

What is the max voltage for a us home?

US homes use a 240 volt single phase 'Edison' system. It is a 3-wire (4 with the ground) system. Phase to phase measures 240v, while each phase to neutral measures 120v.

How can you get 240V single phase power from a 240V 3 phase service Can you just connect to two poles of the 240V 3 phase service?

I'm sure this isn't what you want to hear, but you probably need to ask an electrician familiar with your service and what you want to connect. As a general answer, you can connect a 240v line to line resistive load like an electric water heater to any 240v source. If you also need the 240v to have 120v line to neutral, like a 240v electric stove that contains a 120v clock and oven light, then its possible if the 3 phase power is connected in a "high delta" configuration, and you connect to the correct leads. If you have a high delta service and want to ignore the 3-phase power service and wire most or all of the loads in the building as a single phase load, the utility may have to be consulted.

Why can't the ground wire be connected to neutral at the receptacle instead of in the main panel?

First off, this is for a single phase 120/240V system only. The ground and neutral can be bonded at the receptacle but not instead of bonding them at the panel.You should always have them bonded together at the panel in a single phase 120/240V system. Otherwise you risk having a floating neutral in your system.

How do you convert 240V single phase to 240V two phase?

You cannot. There is only single phase and three phase. Both come from the power company in wire distribution configurations. I believe in the Eastern united states there are still some two phase systems. If memory serves these systems have voltages that are 90 degrees apart. Sometimes three wires are used to provide two phase service - the two phases and an oversized neutral wire that is used as the return for both phases. Since there is a phase shift involved to get two phases from one, you must have a phase shifting device to accomplish this. It is generally easier to get two/three phase service from your local utility company as opposed to try to generate it yourself.

What will happen if neutral wire is not connected to a single phase motor and powered on?

The single phase motor when powered on when the neutral wire is not connected is that the motor will not start.

How many wires come in from the weather head?

If single phase - 2 wire service > two wires If single phase - 3 wire service > three wires If three phase - 3 wire service > three wires If three phase - 4 wire service > four wires US residential service is usually single phase 3 wire service: Two hots and neutral.

Can you wire up a 240 volt single phase water heater to 277 volt single phase?


How is a single phase voltage generated?

A single phase voltage is normally the voltage between one phase of a 3 phase generator and the neutral wire.

Can a three phase four wire generator be wired for single phase?

yes it can

How do you wire an electric pump?

what is the type of pump three phase or single phase

What is the difference between single phase circuit and tree phase circuit?

single phase have 2 wire treephase have 3, and 4 wires

How do you wire a 3 pole 3 wire dryer receptacle?

First of all, you shouldn't have a 3 pole, 3 wire receptacle unless you have a three-phase dryer with no ground, which I don't even think is commercially available. What you should have is a 2 pole receptacel with ground. If it's in an existing house, you are either on a 120/240V single phase service or a 208V three phase service most likely. To wire the receptacle, you most likely have wha

How can I change 2 wire 220 1 phase to 4 wire 220 single phase to run an electric range?

Run a new wire!

Is it possible to hook up a 220V dryer to a 240V outlet?

Probably, because a "220V dryer" and a "240V dryer" might be the same thing if you're in the United States. Most electricity in the U.S. can vary within about 5% of 120V (114V to 126V) for single-phase, two-wire current (commonly called "110"). For single-phase, three-wire current (split-phase current, commonly called "220"), the voltage can vary within about 5% of 240V (228V to 252V). So, as long as the holes in the outlet and the plug from the dryer have the same configuration, the dryer should work. If not, replacing the outlet so that it matches the plug should be all that's needed.

Can you wire a 240v single phase and nutral UK motor to 240v 2phase supply in Canada?

I quite happily ran a UK-manufactured 230-V front-loading washing machine for many years in Canada using the method you describe, in the days before such machines were very common. Incidentally, the Canadian system is not a 'two-phase' system; two-phase systems (phase voltages displaced by 90 degrees) are very uncommon these days.

How many single phase can you run on a 100amp 3 phase?

You can divide a three phase service into (3) single phase circuits providing you have a 4th neutral wire.

What is use of neutral wire?

for single phase 220v/110v control from three phase

How many hot wires has a 120 V and 230 V single phase?

Verify wiring layouts by making measurements, before connecting and/or energizing equipment. A 120V single phase 2 wire should have one hot wire, a 230V single phase 2 wire should be assumed to have two hot wires, and a 230V single phase 3 wire also should have two hot wires.

Can you wire a 12 2 wire to a 20A 240V circuit breaker to get a 240V for an electric heater?


Can you run a 240V clothes dryer on a 208V 3-phase connection?

It will operate assuming you have a 120/208V 3 phase system, but it will not get as hot as it would on a 240V system. To wire it just use 2 hots instead of 3 and connect the neutral.

What will happen if you use phase to phase voltage for a single phase device?

Phase to phase, two wire is classed as single phase. If the voltage from the phase to phase match the device's operating voltage, then connecting the device will allow it to operate.

What is the difference between a single phase and a three phase electrical power circuit?

Single phase means 1 live wire , 3 phase means 3 ive wires