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How do you wire an ignition for a Chevy 350?


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2006-08-24 00:48:14
2006-08-24 00:48:14

depends on if its standard or elec.


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can a chevy truck with a 350 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre- ignition?

I've never seen a 75 Chevy 350 that didn't come with HEI, as it was a mid-year introduction in 1974. However, if such a thing as a 75 Chevy with point distributor exists, there would be a steel wire running from the ignition switch to the hot side of the coil. The steel wire would need to be replaced with a copper wire. The steel wire acts as a resistor to reduce the voltage to the coil, which is not necessary on an HEI, and would limit the total voltage the coil could produce.

how do you adjust the timing on a 1977 350 Chevy engine k-10

The coils are bolted to the ignition control module, there is no coil wire as such.

It signals the computer to reduce the ignition timing.

To bypass the ignition switch on a 1994 Chevy Astro, simply attach a wire to the ignition switch where it makes contact after the key is turned on. Run the wire to the push button and install at the lower part of the ignition switch to send power to the starter. Ê

The green wire is the negative and the yellow is the positive. It should be marked pos and neg on the module.

where does the hot wire come from going to the distributor on a chevy 350

I would replace the ignition module in the distributor. Also need to make sure the coil and wire is good too.

sounds like the ignition timing is off.

The large red wire is the battery or hot wire.

The wires are different - HEI ignition wires won't work in a standard distributor - they all go in the same relative places though.

I don't have a diagram, but there would be one steel wire from the switch to the hot side of the coil.

You need to run a switched, full-voltage wire to the "bat" terminal.

i need the ignition timing for 88 chevy 5.7 ... 350 motor i had the truck on 4 but still bad don t run good

What would cause a 76 model 350 Chevy to run bad when idling. Already replace ignition module Distributor cap and rotor

it is behind the black cover on the fire wall passenger side top it is a one wire connector protruding throught the wiring harness and taped to it. it has one wire tan with black tracer. hope this helps

Assuming the original stock distributor with points and condensor is what you have, the single black wire that comes out of the bottom of the distributor would go to the small negative post on the ignition coil.

big stud is to the battery source. small one is ignition wire from key.

what colour is the wire i use to hock up a tach on a 1989 Chevy 350

what is the engine control switch feed wire on a distributer

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